Since starting his own business about six months ago, Mr T has been able to have a bit more flexibility when it comes to working and spending time with our littles or our family as a whole. He works so hard to enable this balance and its definitely benefited our home so far. This past week, he has taken Phoenix swimming a couple of times after finishing workย – this was very excitedly received by our little lad who absolutely idolises his Daddy. The older girls were at school, ร‰lodie &

Happy half birthday to my little Didi. I know it sounds cliche but I can’t believe that we’re here already. It seems so clear in my mind that I gave birth to you in the most beautiful and relaxed (but speedy) water birth. The weeks seemed to last a life time yet soon turned into months and here we are now. You are such a delightful little baby, and you just ooze happiness. Holding you close and feeling as you relax when with me, how you snuggle into my neck

Once we know it’s Friday, something appears in the air that makes us feel so glad that the weekend is finally here. Not that we’re wishing the week away or making the most of each day and all that but for me, it’s the knowing that for a couple of days, there are no structured plans, no time limits, and this means more time for them to play, get creative, and to spend with us. Their Daddy sometimes works Saturday mornings, and has football in the afternoons, so this leaves

When growing up, something I found difficult to be was comfortable in my own skin. There were times when I just went with the flow, believed I looked and felt good in what I was wearing but 80% of the time is wasn’t the case and thats not something I would like my children to grow up feeling like.  I’m still on a path of feeling confident in what I wear, since becoming a Mama, and more so of now four littles its safe to say my body has changed

September. It was the month where my biggest girl started year one, and my second biggest girl started foundation, both in the same school, classes next door to each other and my heart skipped a beat. This was also the month where my little boy has turned into my best friend again after being obsessed with Daddy for months, we’re kind of back to equal measures again now, but he’s been asking to sit next to me at dinner time which has been a nice surprise. Our littlest girl has

A little snippet about our little lad lately… My whirlwind of a dude is almost 2 years 8 months old at the end of this month and it seems to have come around so fast. I guess thats always the way when you have a new baby coming into the family but it really is overwhelming for me at times. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s my only boy but he seems to have grown the fastest and changed the most in the less amount of time. It really

Something that’s always been a hit with our little ones is to create time in which they can play with explore different opportunities with water and more recently using a water table. We were recently lucky to have been sent a cool water table from the people at Little Tikes. We set it up at their Grampy’s house and he said it was very easy to set up, we then filled it up with bubbles and warm water, then adding more using his water butt. It’s at a great height for

September came around in a flash right?  This month marks the time that our biggest girl starts year one, and our second big girl starts foundation. TWO of our four littles in primary school and I’m honestly in sheer denial. Its also the month our littlest lady turns five months old, and our little boy is continuing to dazzle us with his conversation and understanding of things at the tender age of two and a half. I could talk for ages about the whole starting school situation but that’s another

When it comes to eating out as a family it can go either way, hit or miss. It’s completely pot luck half the time but also admitting that we’ll more than likely eat our food semi-warm is the only consolation. Sometimes though, the kids actually enjoy the food as much as us adults do. I believe that if they’re truly hungry, and find the food/situation fun then this can sometimes help contribute to having a wonderful family meal.  The six of us were recently invited to sample a complimentary meal

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