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Hi there!
I just thought i’d write a little blog about my everyday life, experiences as a mother of two and my dreams of becoming a PRO photographer. My other blog is ‘One Happiness Photography’, So please feel free to check it out! or see my Facebook page!
So, Short but sweet post. I absolutely adore motherhood, and I truly believe its made me wake up & look at life with a different view. to not take it for granted, to encapsulate everything and make the best of everything & especially making the best out the the worst situations. Always try to see things with a ‘glass half full’ approach.
This past year I have gone through some tough things in my personal life, being head over heels in love with my amazing daughters and our everyday life (and struggles) has made me realise the inner strength I never knew I even had. Having the most loving & also amazing partner has made me realise that true love is the best feeling ever and knowing you’ve found ‘the one’ makes me so lucky to know I have my soul mate – forever. I also have the most supportive & encouraging family and friends who I adore. without them – I wouldn’t be half the person I am today.
Back to the photography side of things…
I have always had a huge interest and passion for photography, It’s only when my first daughter was born when I actually realised that I had an ‘eye’ for it and a talent (if I do say so myself). Lots of other people told me this too. She is my muse, along with my other daughter too. I could literally photograph them all day long. capturing their essence in any light they shine. newborn details, ever changing features and characteristics, development & milestones, heritage, exploration, when they’re peacefully sleeping – I just really love capturing and documenting their lives. which made me want to be able to do this for others. whether this be maternity, newborns, babies, children, weddings – any aspect of life which deserves to be remembered and preserved for families to treasure for a lifetime.
So much for the little post! Hmm, I’m logging off this now to get back to photo editing while the sleeping bunnies are sound asleep in Dozeyland 🙂
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