Wonderful Christmas time

Having a lovely Christmas break with my adorable family. Seeing how happy & complete my girls are is the most beautiful thing to witness.

I am looking forward to starting a fresh new year, it will be refreshing to start new things and live with a wider perspective on life itself. I do not want to waste time worrying about things, especially the mundane things including how my washing pile sometimes looks like Mount Everest or the fact that I sometimes resemble a panda with my dark circles from comforting my babies in the small hours.

To me, I’m going to try and be more patient, more organised, and believe in myself more than ever. 2011/12 has been a very testing time for me, physically and emotionally, making me question my coping skills. But I battled through and have come out the better side of it. A stronger person than I ever knew I could be. The birth of our second baby girl and my ever growing bond with our first baby girl. They are the fire that burns inside of me! So here’s to a better life in 2013 & beyond x

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