Breastfeeding peer support group – Day three

Breastfeeding in practise, positioning & attachment, Expressing & storing milk.

Today we went through these elements of the course. We also worked in pairs to show our knowledge of offering help to women by talking them through positioning instead of using a ‘Hands-on’ approach.

I remember when I fed my daughter for the very first time, and I was still overwhelmed by the labour that I kind of just popped her on. (It was also encouraged to help my uterus contract faster.) I soon began to realise that it wasn’t going to be an easy road, the pain was UNREAL. excruciating. Of course it takes a while for your breasts to get use to it, but i’m talking 9-10 weeks of solid razor sharp pain. My daughter & I were passing thrush back and fourth to one another, mastitis kicked in, and I also was sporting a whopping great open wound from a bad latch that would bleed every time i fed her. It really upset me, It was taking the joy of feeding from me & my new baby. I had such amazing support from my local Baby Cafe, and my cousin who is a BFPSC. I just remember her saying to me, “It will get better hun, I promise. Ah, I just can’t wait until you have that day when you realise it is the most amazing thing in the world, and pain-free.” – this is what kept me going, that along with knowing that I wanted to give my baby the best nutrition.

And so after 9-10 weeks – I got there, and it was one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt. to know that I could start to enjoy it & live it as it should be. (Not dreading every single feed, biting into my dressing gown, kicking the radiator, tears streaming down my face in pain!)

I went on to feed her until she self weaned onto cows milk at 13months (I also think that my milk had changed taste as I was then 3 months pregnant with baby No.2!) and i will be forever proud and grateful that I persevered. I am now currently feeding my 2nd daughter (aged 9.5months) and other than a week of soreness, and some thrush – its a dream once again.)

So learning all of these facts, and listening to other’s experiences has been very heart-warming.

It was really great to learn about the details of expressing & storing milk, as this has been something I have often been a bit unsure of whilst breastfeeding my daughters.

Collected in a sterile container: 
room temperature – up to 6 hours.
In the main part of the fridge – Up to 5 days – after which it can be frozen.
Ice box of a fridge – 2 weeks.
Three star freezer – up to 6 months.

We also went through the notes about things you DON’T need to do because you’re breastfeeding!

heres one:

You dont need to give an exclusively breastfed baby any other fluid – I’ve often had people questioning me on this one, Of course there’s nothing wrong with it, but breast milk has two kinds of milk where the foremilk is less fatty and more hydrating, where as it is also the food source in the hind milk.

I am really looking forward to next weeks class as we will be discussing common breastfeeding problems. At least I have some experience here! The main reason I wanted to do this course was to help others, especially if they have difficulty like i did.


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