I honestly can’t believe this day has come.

A really sad thing happened this week. Our family dog Albie had to be put down & laid to rest due to rapid ill-health over the last few days. He reached an amazing 16.5 years of age and he was the most loyal companion any family could ask for. I am so heartbroken that I will never get to stroke his little felt ears, or stroke his little face ever again. I’m so proud of him that he lived to see my two girls. My eldest (2) loved him so much & has now been told that he’s gone near the moon and in the stars up above where he is watching over her. So each night she says “goodnight Alb”.
The pain is still so raw since it happened on Wednesday. And the guilt is tearing my poor Dad apart that he had to make the ultimate sacrifice. But it was the right thing to do, to let him go in peace, and with dignity.
The home is not complete anymore without Alb’s there. He may have only been seen as a pet in others eyes but to us he was our friend. I was 6 1/2 when my Dad brought him home in his pocket, I remember confiding in him so many times with my problems or feelings i just couldn’t tell anyone else. he was my peace of mind, and my home sweet home.
I hope I could make the heartache ease for my Dad, He feels so lost without him as do we. He was a huge part of my Dad’s routine. Walking him, feeding, talking to him, confiding in him, taking him to work, up the fields etc. He even got a phone call from work yesterday for a job at a place called “ALBERT street’ – so If thats not a sign from him to say he’s ok then I dont know what is. I am a strong believer in things like that.
I just hope in time that he can realise that he’s in peace now. we’ll never forget you albs. I love you so much.
I really can’t believe you’re gone x

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