Manic Monday

I have three posts coming this week from my breastfeeding course (days 4,5,6.) So keep a look out!

Its been manic this weekend entertaining the girls. We took a trip to a local farm with Grampy Butch (in the freezing cold!) I love the cold, but little pebbles’s hands were chilly & she had a pink nose bless her. Both girls enjoyed themselves though, having a browse at the noisy books, and I enjoyed ‘ooohing’ over the beautiful potential props!
I have been doing my best at fitting time into my photography at any free moment (usually when the girls are tucked up in bed) This week I have been venturing into some design (like my new logo above!) and also for my friends new jewellery business. (L.J.Jewellery). Im still very new to the design work, and photography for that matter but all new things learned are programming into my brain!
I have been doing a lot of reading online, different blogs (Elizabeth Halford is amazing!) and speaking to some UK photog’s too who have been so kind to be sharing pearls of wisdom. I think its so nice that there are actually some joyful people within the industry (along with the percentage who tend to take themselves a little too seriously and adopt a spiteful attitude towards others – not fun!) but, back to the friendly ones – you’re ace!
Back to home-life.. My washing pile isn’t too insane, and the dishes aren’t resembling a mountain (yet!) – bonus! i’m sure it will be a different story by tomorrow afternoon!

My girls are developing so well, and a little too fast for my liking! Little YM is 2 but sounds, talks, and acts like a 5 year old. she’s very forward – full of beans, and loves her books! Little H is 10 months and is almost crawling, she likes to do the bum-shuffle, and tries to follow big sis around! – She is also at that age where ANYTHING is edible in her eyes (Which is why I should have popeye arms from the amount of times I sweep  each day!)

I’ve also started my next knitting project, Its hopefully going to be a newborn hat!
I’m going to wrap this up now, but keep your eyes peeled for my follow-up posts from my breastfeeding course! It was a delight to attend it!
G’night all x
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