Project 365 tips

Here are some tips on doing a project 365 that i’ve found useful so far:
1. Time can be very limited some days ( I have almost 3 children 3 & under!) so don’t be too hard on yourself if you haven’t uploaded to your blog each day, Just make sure you have the files saved and you can do this whenever! 
2. Trying out with your main camera is excellent if you’re trying to better your skills. Like me, I am a self-taught photographer who feels I have so much to learn so to use this project to help that along is great! but if you need to, just use your Iphone – remember it’s about capturing the moment more that the technical perfection!

3. Use themes if you would like to, search Pinterest for some inspiration.
4. Add a little note, caption or comment from your little one!
5. Take your camera (or iphone/smaller camera) everywhere! Practice your lighting, focus, composition etc in all different scenarios.

7. Remember to get in the photo!

8. Finally – be sure to make a beautiful photo book of all of those stunning images, then sit back with your family & feel the joy when you see all those memories flashing back from the past year!
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