Welcoming our baby boy – Phoenix

Introducing our little boy Phoenix
Born 29th January 2014 at 10:30pm
weighing 8lb 14oz

We never found out the sex when expecting each of our three children, I carried them all the same – a great football shape on my front, not looking pregnant from behind, no crazy cravings (only that I loved milkshake with Y-M, Juice with H, and the smell of orange zest with P. Oh and that I completely went off tea throughout all three pregnancies, even though I j’adore tea!)
Its bizarre though as when I was expecting Y-M, something in my heart was telling me that I was going to mother a little girl first. So when she came out, I was in amazement that my gut was right. Then with H, again, something inside of me was saying that Y-M was going to be a proud big sister to a baby sister. I just had a vision. True again. Then when expecting Phoenix, I had another premonition that the girls were going to be completely in love with a little baby brother & that they would giggle & torment him at bath time as he would have a ‘winky’ much to their amusement! 
I did have little feelings about having a third girl, but I just had a ‘feeling’.
Mothers instinct? maybe. but all I know is that we are very very blessed with our three beautiful little children. 
These images were from a session with a very talented lady who offered to photograph us when Phoenix was 7 days old, she also let me capture my own images of him as I am in early stages of my business One Happiness Photography & Design – this was very helpful to me and very kind of her. It was a lovely experience & even more precious to me as I now have these images of us as a family of FIVE.

All images credited to Ann Wo Photography

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  1. Absolutely stunning photos of your beautiful family. I wish we had taken photos of my two when they were both newborns all curled up. So precious Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  2. Amber says:

    Ohhh, these are beautiful! I love the 'Guess How Much I Love You' picture, and the one of all five of your heads together. He was so tiny and squishy and perfect! And now I'm REALLY broody… 😉

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