Be kind to yourself, we are all human!

The past month or so has been a whirlwind to say the least, I’ve been heavily pregnant, running around after my two sweet girls and then becoming a Mummy to our sweet little boy. Combining all of that along with tiredness, hormones, my biggest girls pre-school run twice a day, adapting to the night feeds, a new breastfeeding journey, and overall learning new things everyday as with each child you have, you realise that they’re not all the same! Different needs, different likes/dislikes etc. It tests your patience, your mind-set and above all your self belief in being a parent.
So you feel like you’re not being the ‘best’ at it – wow, don’t you just feel like a failure? I certainly do. Even the small things like not making the beautiful dinner I had planned, or feeling like I’ve not been playing with the girls enough as I’ve spent a lot of the day feeding or changing nappies, not finishing the household tasks. All of these things not being completed always make me feel like I’m not doing my job properly.
I think all I can do in this moment of time is try to embrace it all, know that its all learning. It’s our journey we are taking together as a family, and it will get easier – one day at a time. 
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