Spring has sprung!

One day its chilly, foggy then it breaks out into a beautiful day with sunshine & a cool breeze.
A little update….
It’s been a very big whirlwind around here lately. My son is 7 weeks old tomorrow, battling some breastfeeding issues that have occurred and being there for my two little girls at the same time (being the one to do baking, playdough making, and arts & crafts at there request!) along with being a supportive partner, motherhood tasks, and somewhere in between – trying to find time for myself.
So when I think of spring, I remember its the little things that bring me joy in this glorious season. Daffodils blooming, blossom trees looking ever so pretty, watching my daughters explore in the garden digging up the flower bed in search of treasure and worms whilst I drink a *hot* cup of tea in a fancy-schmancy mug I got which I love (and tea always tastes better in it!) underneath clear blue skies with a gentle breeze on my face.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all seasons in their own special way. I love the cosy winter nights, winter warming food and drinks – you name it. but I am happy to see brighter days making an appearance. It not only makes you wake up in a chirpier mood, but the kids love it too. Looking forward to planting more gorgeousness in our garden, grow strawberries, re-paint the little play shed. lots to be done over the next few months.
I want to declutter our home to live a more stress-free simplified life, and ultimately a happier life. We’re very happy but little things that occupy big chunks and end up becoming overwhelming (silly amount of clutter, clothes, and toys for example.) Less is more – Fact.
Happy Tuesday everyone x

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