Only for you my little loves

  • Would I let my tea go cold numerous times because you wanted me to read some stories. (My tea goes cold every time without fail, or repeatedly re-heated in the microwave! its just not the same!)
  • Sleep with one half of my body hanging off the side of the bed for dear life because you wanted Mummy & Daddy snuggles as there was “a monster in your room”.
  • Let you have my last Rolo – no matter how yummy they are!
  • Put your Disney album on in the car almost every morning, instead of me listening to some adult conversation on the Radio, (lets face it – we all love a bit of “Bare necessities” in the morning don’t we?!)
  • Would I not freak out that I have sick, snot, or goodness knows what else wiped on my jumper.
  • Persist through agonising breastfeeding pain, as I know how much benefits you & I. (10 weeks on pain, open wound, thrush and mastitis with Y-M, fed her to 13months. 3 weeks of pain with H – fed to 15months, and currently feeding my little P – 8 weeks old)
  • Spend the last bit of change in my pocket for a little treat for you instead of a nice *hot* chocolate for me.
  • Leave the house without me having had breakfast just so you get your breakfast & get to nursery on time.
  • Let you “pompidomp” (fart) near me & find it hilarious as you told me it was a helicopter one. ( bahaha)
  • Tend to your thirst, hunger & toilet needs before my own.
  • Paint my face, nails.
  • Would I find it funny if you raided my make up bag… lippy & all.
  • Read you all your favourite stories whilst mine are gathering dust until my next peaceful bath… (forgotten what those are like these days!)
  • ….And let you bundle into that “peaceful” bath as you find it fun!
  • Let your animal figures, puzzle pieces, yesterdays cheddar biscuits sit quietly on desk near my very expensive computer…
  • Take you to playgroups, play dates, fun things at the park so you get your social interaction.
    I do all these little things & more because the love I feel for you three is unconditional heart warming fuzziness. There are days where you drive me wild & leave me feeling exhausted, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! The day I became a mother I was blessed. It made me see the world with different eyes and a whole new perspective. I want to remember all of this, document, capture & preserve it all.
    I love you all dearly,
          Mummy x

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  1. Ah this is a lovely post and your children are gorgeous! I love that you call a fart a "pompidomp"- that's funny. I have to listen to One Direction in the car every morning. 😉

  2. Thank you! Yes, My eldest girl decided they were called Pompidomps lol… So thankful we've not got to the One Direction stage yet lol 🙂

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