Happy Mothers Day 2014

My first Mothers Day as a mummy to THREE beautiful children. I feel immensely lucky & proud to call myself a mother. Becoming a mummy has changed me in more ways than one, it’s made me realise not to take myself too seriously, to try and enjoy the emotional days as much as possible and see any glimmer of light in it no matter how dark it seems. 
I’m still learning how to keep patience when the girls want to have their “terror” days where they are scrapping over the same toy, or I have washing coming out of my ears, the house is a dump and so on. I want to have a calm parenting approach and I do find this tricky on the days I’m sleep deprived and feeling like all motivation has left me, parenting in a cool, calm, happy way suits everyone. Happy mama = happy babies. Fact.
I’m learning to take time to enjoy the little things, as in no time – it passes you by and you wonder where it’s gone. And the end of the day, even if it’s been a terrible day full of “threenager” & “almost terrible two” attitudes, I feel a huge sadness that this will all just be memories in a few years. I want to remember it all, the good, the bad, the funny, the sad. It’s what shapes us, you sweet three have shaped my life into a mixture of a crazy wonderful mould. 
I love it. 
And I love you all so much, no words can describe it.
Thank you for blessing me for being your Mama. 
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