The many faces of little Halle – You are now 22months.

You are…

22 months & four days old.

You love the Gruffalo & are slightly obsessed with Peppa Pig.
You enjoy watching disney dvds with big sister whilst snuggled up on the sofa in your quilts.
You’re overcoming a pretty boisterous stage lately as your independence grows, you have scratched big sisters face & pulled hair – all for the same barbie, and because even though you love big sister so much, you just want to try all these new things on your own without help. 
You’ve learnt how to scoot on a big girls scooter.
You’ve thankfully stopped the two month stage of firing snot out of your nose when you were experiencing over tiredness or a bad mood from being told you can’t do something – (like crossing the road alone!)
Your speech is developing daily & I sometimes wish you have a mute button when i’m being asked ‘why’ for the 20th time in ten seconds – no joke!
You find it hilarious when you call me by my first name – I often get bizarre looks in the supermarket like i’ve kidnapped someones kid, cheers. 😉
You’re still very much in love with mamas hair & its a beautiful thing that you feel so much comfort from it still. it also sends you to sleep in a matter of 5 minutes. 
You *love* playing outside with big sister, finding worms, looking for treasure & climbing on anything and everything!
You’re adapting to having a little baby brother so well, I sometimes forget that you’re still only small yourself where you are bowling around 100 miles an hour. but you are Halle, you are doing so well, you love him dearly & very sweetly call him “Phoe-nick” 🙂
You Love to wrestle Daddy as soon as his first foot steps into the door from work. 
The most sweetest thing lately is after picking big sister up from pre-school at lunch time, I ask if you’d like a nap, and you say “yes”, close your eyes and pretend to sleep, but it actually sends you into a sweet slumber. 
Here’s a few photos I got of you recently whilst you were happily sat on the mini bench in the garden chatting away whilst eating your favourites – chopped dried apricots. 

Love you lots
Mummy xx
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