My creative mind needs to explode

Lately I have had very little time to myself to express my creative side. I mean getting a peaceful bath is an absolute blessing at the minute as I have my three wild little ones to tend to! Even more so since giving birth to my little boy who is now 9 1/2 weeks old (Wowsers where has that time gone!?) who loves his mama-milk!
I find myself getting frustrated where time is limited and I don’t get much free time to explore my creative side, or put ideas into action. I feel like my brain is going to explode a lot of the time. I find photography & blogging therapeutic, its my way of documenting all the little things i want to remember. I have hand-written journals, print projects, knitting hats that all need time to complete but they just continue to be on my “to-do” list. 
I am in the early part of my photography business, I have had my children in a small number of years so its been pretty much start stop, start stop. but I have a couple of newborn sessions booked for the summer, hopefully attending a newborn photography workshop with a few of my favourite photographers, also in the summer. I may have a wedding to photograph, & a masterclass for learning how to use my sewing machine in June! – so it’s all small steps, but small steps are better than no steps. I’m the kind of person that like to see instant results sometimes, I start to put myself down when I feel i am not achieving enough in my photography& design/blogging, but I *have* to be realistic – I am a mother of three children aged 3 1/2, almost 2, and 9 1/2 weeks! Of course time is short! 

I enjoy blogging for myself, its a way to vent how i’m feeling, express my views, talk a load of nonsense if I want to. but more importantly, one of my main reasons for blogging/photographing are my children. I have always been fascinated my how a camera can document your life, and how you can look back on memories but have the photographic proof to go with the story – it’s amazing. My friends were always making a joke “oh here comes Nat with her camera!”, especially on my nights out as a teenager – all those drunken memories were in addition of photo evidence! 
This takes me on to the pregnancy & birth of my first daughter Yvie-Mae. I wanted to document everything (I literally have 100’s of images of my baby bump!). Photos of her birth & then once she was born that was it – she was my muse. I needed to capture all her developments, the curly eyelashes that reached her eyebrows, her big blue eyes, her chubby thighs, she beautiful hair, milestones, crawling, first steps. these are the things I never want to forget & its those things and our life together that I want her to look back on and see we live a happy life. so since then, I have had my second daughter Halle & my son Phoenix. I want to capture it all. preserve the memories through blogging, journalling, and creating photo books (long process!) but I will. 

Photographing practising my skills, organising & filtering through images and video footage is something I do daily, and need work on to create the most time effective way to keep up to date. I believe I need to simplifying aspects in my life in order to have a clear mind and use it more wisely. but being a little sleep deprived, busy juggling three kids – i need to give myself time, and realising that fact is the biggest step I need to take.
Here’s a couple of shots of my Mother’s Day flowers that are currently brightening up my kitchen..

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  1. They are beautiful shots, blogging is such a great way of exploring your creativity. x

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