A much needed walk to the park

The past few weeks have been a little up & down for everyone. The girl’s behaviour seems very temperamental sometimes. lack of daytime naps, waking too early, teething, and adjusting to life with a new sibling i guess (Phoenix is 10 weeks old today) but 10 weeks isn’t much for small minds. They have adapted very well but I think as well as me, it gets on top of them somedays, especially when I am feeling tired, snappy and not wanting to be doing all the crafts under the sun – but how are a 3.5yr old and 22mth old meant to understand that?
Something I have been trying with Y-M is that when the younger two nap, she can either nap, or have a little ‘quiet time’ with me, or simply with a book as she chooses not to nap 99% of the time. sometimes this doesn’t work and she will still want to be baking making or face painting all minutes of the day. Its hard trying to get her to understand that we all need a little rest now & then. Even Mummy.
We introduced the book called “Five minutes peace” By Jill Murphy. A nice way to put it to her that everyone deserves a small amount of down time!
Anyways, the past two days we’ve not left the house. They’ve been playing nicely, and in the garden too but lack of the outdoorsy park adventures are visible. So we took a nice stroll to the park ten minutes away, the sun is shining, birds are singing, fresh air & chit chat. Phoenix enjoyed the stroll & a good lunchtime feed while we watched the girls running wild & free.
I think we all needed it to be fair.
My dapper chap
My snap happy girls in their ADORABLE new t-shirts
This girl is all about the swings – only if super high.
First stroll in the Mountain Buggy Duet
“vroom vroom”!
Spot the Loon!
A spot of balancing – I love how H tries to be like big sis 🙂
Y-M has this obsession with taking her shoes and socks off as she insist you go a lot faster down the slide, Of course. Silly Mum. 
I love her gaze here, And a beautiful sun flare if I say so myself.
Here’s a super selfie of my sweet three & I! Nice morning at the park in the sunshine & blue skies!
P trying his best not to eye up big sister food
Oh and I just had to throw in a picture of my new bargain bag, you can’t beat crochet detail and for a great price of £12!
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  1. I love their little camera t-shirts- so cute! And sometimes just getting outdoors and getting a change of scenery does wonders! x

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