Little Phoenix, 12 weeks 2 days.

 12 weeks 2 days ago, you graced us with your presence. You are a happy little boy with the cheesiest gummy grin, beautiful big blue eyes that sparkle when your stare, cute rolls on your chubby thighs from guzzling mamas milk. You have specific preferences of how to be held (you love being upright so you can have a look at what’s going on!) you love to blow raspberries and chatter to Daddy, you are a snuggle bear when tired, and love nothing more than feeding then going off to Dozeyland.
Your big sisters are captivated by you, they love to watch each new thing that you do, tickle you & hug you lots. You love the comfort from the sound of the washing machine or tumble dryer, You stare & giggle at mummy with those big eyes covered by your curly eyelashes whilst enjoying baby massage time.

I can’t get over how perfectly soft your skin is, your kissable button nose and those early hour snuggles are the best part of the night feeds (no matter how tired i feel). You get lots of comfort from gripping onto someones finger tightly, otherwise you love holding your yellow jellycat duck that Grampy Butch got you all the way from Memphis.

You had your very first trip to the seaside over the Easter bank holiday weekend, You were such a good boy & seemed to enjoy yourself taking in all the fresh air & meeting Great-Nana Pat once again.

Bath time is becoming even more enjoyable, as you now like to kick and splash, and try to laugh at the musical duck toy! Your sleep isn’t so bad either – You’ll go to sleep around 8:30/9 – 12/1am feed, then feed at about 5am… then your sisters wake us up at 6am when Daddy goes to work! yawn!

You’re growing so fast my boy & I just want time to stand still. You’re slowly losing your newborn side & turning into a bouncing baby bundle of joy. Your personality is starting to take shape now introducing a very charming, cheeky chappy.  You are simply adorable.

Mama x

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