Sunday afternoon bliss

A Sunday afternoon two weeks ago, we stopped by this lovely local rapeseed field on the way to the kids grandparents house. It was a great opportunity to get some lovely natural images of the girls exploring & hiding amongst the “colourful jungle”.
They were a bit skeptical at first but once they saw the fun chasing after us, they thought it was funny. Phoenix isn’t in any as he was fast asleep in Dozeyland 🙂 We then visited their Grannies, then went to their Aunt & Uncles house for a bonfire. 
Here are some of the images we captured! (Thank you Ty for getting a few snaps with me in front of the camera too!)

*Not sure why, but Blogger keeps completely changing the colour format of my images! 🙁

All images taken by myself or my partner using my 50 1.4mm lens 

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  1. Ah these are absolutely beautiful, we went to visit the rapeseed a couple of weeks ago too, I haven't got round to sorting out the photos yet but I hope they are as cute as this. I love the yellow, in fact my favourite ever photo I took of Mads was in the rape seed a couple of years ago. x

  2. Thank you, These are just a few, I think its just a stunning place to create memories, so bright & colourful! x

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