Yvie-Mae – 3 years 6 months

To my beautiful Yvie-Mae,
I honestly can’t believe how fast you’re growing up. you’re no longer a little baby, or even a toddler. you are a very intelligent, funny, charming, and loving little girl. My sweet & innocent daughter who has a gigantic heart. You love to help others (even though little sister doesn’t always want help with things, when she has a bit of a moody moment & pulls your hair over a toy – you have not once ever hit her back, or returned the hair pulling.) I think she would sometimes like to be left to try things on her own, using her own skills, but you being your kind, helpful self just want to guide her the way all the time which is beautiful all the same. 
You’re very much Miss Independent, always have been in your short 3.5years of life. I see it even more now when you go to pre-school each morning for a couple of hours. You grab your name tag, say goodbye & “I love you” to us three and off you go. Happy as can be, just eager to get on with learning or making something. Your teachers have told me that you’re coming out of your shell a lot more, a very bright & head strong little girl.
You love being outdoors. You would spend your life at the park eating chocolate if you could! (wouldn’t we all!) You love getting messy in the garden running wild & free looking for worms or treasure hunting bare foot, And even scouting out and telling me if the next door neighbours cats have pooped in our flower bed! – pesky cats.
You really enjoy your weekly trip to swimming each Friday when Daddy is home from work, You and Halle are such confident swimmers its amazing to watch! You also go to Auntie Kei’s dance class once a week which you are also getting more confident at. You keep asking to try gymnastics, and ballet too, all in good time my sweet girl..
You are forever asking Mummy to do baking, making. We enjoy cake making, and your favourite bit is licking the spoon or all the mixture out of the bowl leaving it all smeared across your beautiful face! Then you want to go straight on to the next activity in your brain. then the next, and so on. 
Mummy is trying to incorporate “quiet time” once you’re home from school and when we’ve had lunch. You rarely have a nap, but the two little ones still enjoy theirs so we try to do something quiet for you as I feel everyone needs a bit of down time – including me! Sometimes you don’t like the idea. other times you love to snuggle or sometimes it seems you just can’t wait for them to be awake with you again – then they wake up! I sometimes feel guilty for not giving you enough of my undivided time. I try my very best, but I also want to show you that everyone needs a bit of rest now and then, especially you. You’re always telling us how you have “a great idea!!”, or when being asked to do something its “In a minute”, “Okay Mum” – since when did you start introducing the “MUM”?!
You’re developing an interest in all things pretty as well. You love dresses that twirl, and shoes that sparkle. Very sweet to see your interests shining through. 

I’m so proud of you Yvie-Mae. In everything you say or do (even though you drive me insane sometimes!) You have taught me so much about life even though you’ve even been in my life for 3 years & 2 days shy of 6 months. I can’t even imagine my life without you in it, Your beauty astounds me, your infectious laugh, your amazingly beautiful blue eyes, flowing golden hair, witty sense of humour, and a heart so full of love. Theres not enough words in the universe to describe my pride & love for you my sweet girl.
All my love, 
Mummy. x

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  1. What a beautiful letter to your little girl and gorgeous photos too. I love her trainers they are amazing, I would so wear them myself. 😉 And the photo of her hair in the bun with the light falling on it is stunning! x

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