Afternoons in the garden

These afternoons are my absolute favourite, watching the girls explore, run wild & free.
In search of treasure, pretty flowers, wriggly worms, or washing the stone animals in the water table
We recently got this water play table in preparation for water weather but they have been playing in it lots already & even using it as a sensory tub with coloured rice! It really is a great buy, very sturdy & a great height for various ages. We usually get out the sandpit too but it needs a bit of a refresh with new sand before use!
This was their brilliant idea for hiding from Daddy when he gets in from work
 best hiding place. ever!
drying the animals off after their bath
 That hair.
 Washing her cat
 Dogs in need of some cleaning
 I like this cat, It doesn’t poop in my garden.
 She’s growing up so fast
 Conversations with a three year old are awesome!
 Wishy washy
 I love the concentration on her face
 This girl is a thinker
 Its such a beautiful thing to watch when they’re playing so nicely together
 Really too cool for school
 Wild things
 This girl has no fear what. so. ever.
 taking it in turns
 They love being outdoors!
 Halle’s cold feet tickling her back!
 Her beauty…swoon
 This is one of my favourite photos of these two. it sums up their cheekiness a goodun’. This is them hiding from Daddy on this glorious sunny afternoon (They waited there for about 15 minutes!) 
To me it also symbolises how close they are, they may look different, have different personalities at times, but they sure are two peas in a pod & I hope they remain close forever. A sisters bond is something special.
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