Our Easter bank holiday in Seaton, Devon.

Throughout the preparations and our actual getaway, I was keeping a diary (updates for my post) so here it is, It may be all past/present mumbo jumbo and completely not the best grammar, but hey ho!
Thursday Evening: This mornings preparation for our getaway, didn’t go so well. Baby was awake from 4am-6am so I am tired, grouchy and have little patience. The girls are trying their best to wake him back up, which is uh …helpful. I had my morning cuppa – with them filled with excitement bouncy all around me, whilst not wearing their “listening ears” when I say I’ve got *hot* tea… Which led to me being a snappy mama and telling them off for not leaving my desk alone. (I know it’s not their fault, it shouldn’t be in reach or eye sight but sadly – no room to put it anywhere else at the moment)… then I got all emotional as I just know how much I’ve got left to prepare today. Absolute FAIL on the organisational front. Lesson learned for next time. I just feel I’ve had limited time this week, considering it was a last minute booking, and three small kids to entertain and tend to, plus getting myself ready, getting the house in a tidy manner, remembering not to forget anything (especially all the stuff we needed last time!) We set off about 4:20pm and has a smooth trip down there (most of the time). baby needed feeding and comforted but other than that, it was a great ride. We were all tired from the car journey so just relaxed in the evening and went to bed!
Good Friday:Woke up around 6:30am, the sun peeping through the window. Ty made us a lovely English breakfast accompanied by a lovely pot of tea. We had another chilled out morning and lots of giggles! We then made our way to the sea front, it was a little bit chilly but as soon as we set up our pop up tent – the sun broke through the clouds and voila! Blissful weather. Sunny, with a cool sea breeze. There’s just something about being by the sea that relaxes me, a kind of zen.
Saturday: We made our way to Colyton Station as Peppa Pig was paying a visit! The girls were very excited, but once there, they fell asleep! Woke up and Yes just wasn’t sure on the “big Peppa Pig” “I just want to see the small Peppa Pig” she kept saying. Bless her, she really thought Peppa was going to be her height, the huge version that was greeting everyone just didn’t have her convinced. Hal went to say hello, but with her legs clinging around my waist, And my sweet little Yve’s then waved Peppa goodbye, and was so pleased with herself and said she was very brave to wave at Peppa! She really was.
   It’s really lovely to see my Nan make a lovely happy life for herself down here. We visited her at the place she does voluntary work for, you could tell she was chuffed to show her great-grandchildren off to her colleagues. Lovely to see her smile with pride. Another day at the beach, delicious ice creams, fish and chips (the best I’ve ever tasted, and they always taste better by the sea!) we spent some really lovely quality time together, and it was great that my brother and sister joined our holiday, it was nice for them to spend time with their nieces and nephew. 
We were so fortunate to have such glorious weather for the most of the weekend, throughout the whole weekend is was brilliant to spend time together laughing and joking, mucking about in the caravan & just enjoying the little moments. The girls really enjoyed having everyone’s attention, piggy backs, building sandcastles, just being by the sea. I love visiting Seaton, it takes me back to my childhood when My Dad, Nan, Brother & I would visit the Haven campsite (which is now a tescos) and it just takes me back, and I love that feeling even though it is bittersweet… bitter because I can’t believe how fast the years have gone, but sweet as its an amazing thing that I am now taking my own children to where I use to spend my childhood. Not only that, it’s lovely to see my Nan so happy with her new life here. 
Towards the end of the weekend, we had some severe rain, and it hit us even more so once we returned home! (typical!) But this didn’t put a downer on the mood, we had a terrific time and I can’t wait to go and visit my lovely Nan again very soon. 
Here’s some of my favourite images (of the 400 i took!) I have also printed a photobook of all of them too…


Sister loves


In hysterics – This was 1/46 photos my Nan took whilst trying to take a shot of us!

Yes, indeedy

My sweet Yves


Cheeky Hallelujah

My weakness

Yve’s hand, simply beautiful.

Happy with her “Shormouse (enormous)” rock

Big kids

Beach chick

One of the most influential women I have been fortunate enough to have in my life.



I love this photo

Come on Daddy!

My cheeky girl

They were giggling so hard!

Bury me!

Taking it all in.

Nan & her Great-Grand-daughters!

My best friend, my soulmate.

I want to ride my bicycle…!

How does she look like she’s about 10 here?


Got to be done.

This photo makes me so proud, driven, wise, and an overall inspirational lady.

Here she is at her work where she volunteers. I’m proud to say she is my Nan, Love her dearly!

 One of her favourite places to sight-see from, They’re so alike it’s unreal

 Happy she has her little Peppa tucked in safely.
 in their element


Sandcastle making

I *love* this photo, reflects her character so much!

“the sun is still too bright mama!”

Great photo prop (rug) there Nan..

Phoenix & Great-Nana Pat. A photo I will cherish forever. The pride in her eyes makes me feel so proud.


A favourite thing to do

Theres just something about this photo that I love


Cuddles with Auntie Pop

This was hil-ar-i-ous

Safe place

Capturing colour

We did exercise whilst on holiday too…..


Another sea-side tradition – sill amounts of cream teas!

He she is! (Yve’s was so excited, but then she just wanted to be wave as she just “wasn’t a small Peppa”, she “only wanted to cuddle a little Peppa Pig”. bless her. “I was brave though Mummy, I waved” – Yes you were my sweet girl đŸ™‚

My life long dream of meeting the glory that is… Peppa pig!

Meeting Peppa Pig

Innocent little treasure
Bogey pies and all that

The awkward family photo!

First family portrait in Seaton as a family of five

Brother & Nan

Fish & chips by the sea has got to be done..oh and Ice-cream!(s!)


Multi-tasking at its finest!

Embracing a snuggle
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  1. WOW your photos are absolutely stunning. I just kept looking over them. I am obsessed with photography and I have been trying so hard to get better but failing. I love how you blur the backgrounds and how you set up your photos. So beautifully. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me and for all the blog love! Happy New Year! #sharewithme

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