Waves goodbye to April

April sure has come and gone in a flash! This month has seen some highs & lows, a trip to Devon, deep thoughts and plenty of love. 
This is my last month of being a 24 year old. I honestly can’t believe just how fast the last ten years or so have gone. Especially since leaving school, & even more so since having children. I’m a mother to three children yet I still feel like a fake when i refer to myself as an adult! I just have so many clear memories from my childhood, teens and early 20’s that they literally could’ve been yesterday. I mean, I bumped into an old school friend the other week (who also has three lovely children with similar age gaps) and when I left the shop, I thought – Oh my goodness. Thats like 11 years I haven’t seen her for! 11 YEARS – Where has that time gone? It seems just like yesterday we were using Johnson’s baby lotion to moisturise our pre-teen skin, or climbing massive trees – and falling out of them (me), going to the shops for sweets, or arranging our next sleepover. It really hit me that time just doesn’t wait for anyone, it’s astounding how fast life is passing by. 
I look at my life since becoming a Mum and I just can’t believe how much I’ve done, been through, the changes and growth in our family, all in 3.5 years. I look at Y-M and she just takes my breath away. she’s turning into a little girl & no longer a baby or toddler. I look at H, and she is a feisty little girl who’s also waving goodbye to toddlerhood & becoming a complete chatterbox who idolises her big sis. And then there is little P – who was 13 weeks old yesterday, He is really turning into a vocal little chap now, he loves interaction & is such a happy boy. All of these things make me feel so lucky, proud, (& a little emotional) I just want time to freeze
We’ve done plenty of crafting, & playing at the local parks.
Tiredness has also been present a bit too much recently. P is hitting a growth spurt, so he is guzzling his milk like 2hourly around the clock, He’s a quick feeder so its not so bad, but broken sleep isn’t helpful when you have three small kiddo’s to tend to and entertain, & a daily pre-school run – yawn! I then have the tendency to take it out on Ty when he returns from work at the end of the day, mostly because I haven’t spoken on an adults wavelength all day, or just the simple fact that i’m shattered, emotionally and physically drained. 
A positive for sure is that I feel that we’ve got to the “blissful” stage in our breastfeeding journey, I had quite an emotional time in the early weeks, with combined thrush, oversupply, and signs of colic. The pain wasn’t half as bad as with Y-M but it has been more draining emotionally, just feeling that I wasn’t doing a good job, and also struggling physically with my back (i have recti divarication in my tummy muscles that im slowly repairing which causes back pain), and probably because I have two other small children to see to, have so much going on (I thought it was a great idea all round if Y-M started preschool every morning at 8:30 when I was due to give birth & then with a newborn – Not fun in those first few months but we’ve got the hang of it now most of the time. So yes, I’m very happy that we’ve hit that milestone. 
My little sister also turned sweet 16 – it  seems just like yesterday that she was my little cling on at my sleepovers, or me pushing her around town in her pushchair, or watching barney with her on repeat. ergh. But she’s blossoming into a lovely young woman who is a wonderful auntie to her nieces & nephew. 
Our Easter weekend was fantastic, we went away to visit my dear Nan in Seaton, Devon. The girls loved seeing their Great-Nan again (the last time was in February) & My Nan loved seeing how big P had grown. I’m in the process of writing my post on our weekend away!
Something else I want to make big changes to in May is to de-clutter & get more organised. more on that soon too… I want to be less mind full and more mindful. 
Hope you’ve all had a wonderful April just like I have & anything thats not been so good – pick yourself up, learn from it & live more & more tomorrow. 
[Here’s Phoenix with Nanny M – My mum] xo

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  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic April! x

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