Phoenix 14 weeks

My sweet boy Phoenix. You’re 14 weeks old today, and you’re growing into a very charming little chap. You’ve lost nearly all your newborn hair, your chub is growing day by day and your beautiful blue eyes get brighter by the minute. You love to chew on your hands and take an interest to more toys now. And have even joined the bumbo club – a bit skeptical at first but now you like it! 
I feel like we’ve finally got to the blissful part with feeding, it’s a joyful and beautiful experience each time we share these moments together. Overcoming breastfeeding issues the past few months (not as painful as with YM but thrush – causing stabbing pain, latching, more emotionally draining, and not having enough time to concentrate on the issues where I have the girls to see to aswell.) you were also seeming to have a few colicky symptoms for a week or so but that’s all gone now. I do think the main issue was that you were just finding your place and settling into out whirlwind of a family, especially having two wild big sisters who are on the go from the minute they wake! The only thing I think you’re still adjusting to is your poop regulation! (Same as when YM was a baby!) she would literally have ‘a Monday poo’ and you’re similar with your 1-2 poops a week resulting in you sometimes getting very gassy and grumpy with the tummy ache!
Back to the feeding.. I must say that My heart skips a beat when you look up at me when feeding, you seem so happy and content and just love to guzzle. Then once you’re finished, you gaze up at me, let our a squeal or ‘coo’ as if you say “thank you!” It really is heart fuzzy happiness. 
You’re also becoming a lot more durable for the girls to play (wrestle *cough*) with much to their delight! They find it hilarious!
I feel our special bond growing more and more each day my sweet boy, I feel ever so blessed to have you in my life. 
Mama x

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