Hello 25!

Well I was up bright and early this morning to see my sweet childrens faces, and the girls brought up my birthday cake with help from their amazing Daddy. 
Yvie-Mae has been so giddy this morning, and said she will make me a birthday picture at preschool! 
We went downstairs to have breakfast, they had put banners up and lots of bunches of flowers around with Daddy, I love flowers! My Dad popped round with my card, another chocolate cake (oh dear more chocolate!) some much loved fudge, and a beautiful Elemis ‘time for you’ gift set – I love indulgent bath time, and even more so with relaxing products! He knows me well! 
I then did Y-M’s pre-school run – in the rain (not so great but hey ho, you got to have flowers to grow May flowers!), came back home and had story time with Halle whilst little chap slept, picked Yve’s up again – in the rain still, and came home to relax whilst the younger two slept! 
Don’t you remember the excitement as a kid on the eve of each birthday? I remember getting my Mum’s Argos catalogues making huge circle around every item I wished for, going to bed and not being able to sleep properly as I was so giddy, and then the morning came – opened the gifts and felt like the whole world knew it was MY day. Becoming a parent changes it in the way that I now look forward to seeing the excitement in their eyes, even when it is for my birthday. They get so excited! and I see it – the feelings I once had when I were their ages, happy feelings swirl around inside when I see their faces light up. I’ve had a brilliant day even though the day is just the same as yesterday and probably the same as tomorrow, but being treated to lovely gifts by everyone is really lovely, and that i’m thankful for too!

I look back and think about the past few years, the happy times, the tough times, the memorial times, and the ordinary times in between. and now i’m here, waking up on my 25th birthday as a mother to three beautiful children – I really am blessed. 
May is a special month as it’s also H’s birthday at the end of it, so to me thats what I get ready for, but having a sneaky birthday before hers isn’t so bad now is it 😉

Some of my beautiful gifts

flowers & chocolates – my favourites 

We got to eat a *hot* three course meal whilst the girls were with their Nanny, & little P had a longggg nap! good lad! 

more beautiful flowers

Blowing candles out with my girls was lovely

My Dad does a personalised card every year 🙂

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