Phoenix 16 weeks.

16 weeks ago today at 10:30pm, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, that boy is you Phoenix. 
You have growth so fast in these past 16 weeks, you are changing so much each day and are turning into a complete chatterbox who is loved so much by his big sisters. I feel so much joy with how they have adjusted to having another sibling, I was worried about “sibling jealousy” especially with H as she’s that little bit younger, but she is ever so loving towards you. 
The morning after you were born and they came up to see us, I was very anxious as to how they would react, sad? Jealous? Angry? All three? But the first thing Halle did was say “hello mummy, I love you” and gave me a huge hug, and Yves came over to you straight away, gazed over the crib in amazement and said “is this our baby”? With the biggest smile spread across her face. Both were immediately wanting cuddles with you, and wanting to check you had a “winky”.
You’re also now really interested in grabbing your toys, chomping on your fists and shouting/cooing loudly. You’re very much a Mama’s boy at the minute which I love, I think it’s really because you know I have the ‘good’s’ and am known as ‘milk lady’ by Daddy, Ha. Bath time is a complete fun game for you right now as you love laying in the shallow water and splashing like crazy! 
Post bath-time, You’re a snuggly bear and love to gaze up at me whilst feeding and guzzling away in content. Sleeping-wise, You’re feeding roughly twice a night. It all depends on what we’ve done, where we’ve been etc. Your hair is very fair & slowly growing back, i’m sure you’ll have a mop of it when you’re a year old if you’re anything like biggest sister! Your chubby cheeks and soft skin is so kissable, I just love to lay with you, smell your heavenly scent & just revel in amazement at how beautiful you are my boy. And lastly, You love to grab Mummy’s face, and pull on my cheeks too! 
16 weeks already… You are a bundle of joy my little love, & I can’t believe how fast you’re growing! 
(Iphone pic) and once again, blogger has destroyed the colour!?
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