Lazy morning snuggles

Oh there’s nothing better than snuggling up with your babies early in the morning under the toasty warm quilts, cup of tea in hand and just enjoying the calm before the day begins. 
Y-M started her preschool every morning so we always have to be rushing against the clock and it gets frustrating for all of us some days. That’s the downfall about her preschool is that there wasn’t any options for days (would have been handy when little fella was first born) it’s all week, or nothing. But hey, it’s half term now and we are embracing our free mornings to not have to rush about. 
The girls are snuggling, the sweet chap has gone back to sleep and tucked into my chest (he was fidgeting ALL night and letting ripp so he didn’t get quality sleep… OR ME! 🙁 ) sadly, I can’t go back to sleep as I have my two girls to keep an eye in (did I mention that H is Really into squeezey lotion bottles?) but instead, I can revel in the lovely sight of my three amazing children…before the day begins of course. Then it’s “how long until Peppa Pig” “mama, can I have some milk?” “mama, can I have breakfast”, “can we do making now?” “Can we do baking now?” 😉
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  1. Kerry Dyer says:

    I love the morning snuggles too, we snuggle with milk and coffee until Sienna asks for breakfast! Can't wait until we have another to add to the snuggles! X

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