Happy 2nd birthday to my sweet Halle

You came into this world like a bull in a china shop. At 11:53pm, All 8lb 1.5oz of you came Fast, strong and full of character from that very first moment I laid my eyes on you. 
{a few minutes old}
Two years ago today I was in a very bittersweet phase of my life. I was ever so excited and couldn’t wait you meet you, but at the same time, I was also grieving the absence of your daddy.  The night you were born was something so special, not only was it the day you arrived, but it was one of those moments where I realised how strong I actually was, physically & mentally. I had huge doubts i was going to be able to cope throughout the labour, knowing Daddy would miss it, I was scared that i was facing raising you and your sister alone for a while & I just didn’t know what I was capable of. you & your big sister made me realise this. I have always been someone who hasn’t been confident in any aspect of my life. becoming a mother has taught me so much in these past 3.5 years,  You have all brought out the best in me (albeit the worst in me when I have had no sleep & haven’t had time to feed myself! but thats a small factor!) 
All in all, It was a very difficult heart wrenching time but we all got through it together. 

The past two years seem to have flown by without a trace, That is of course why i treasure all of our memories, I love to try and document and preserve them all for us to look back on. You have grown so much its unbelievable, Your blonde hair is now turning into the cutest bouncy curls, your beautiful blue eyes are shining ever brightly, your cheeky smile & your infectious laugh are something i love to wake up to each morning. 
On the flip side, you have this new thing you do when you’re feeling angry, cross, or I haven’t s clue sometimes but this is……to blow snot out of your nose and smear it anywhere thats within reach. this includes the interior of our car, freshly made bedding, toys, your hair, your face – you name it. It is really gross, and it does make me quite cross sometimes as you love to do it whilst i’m driving – not helpful kiddo! I just put it down to developmental stages, some kids throw themselves on the floor, some just cry, some lash out… you blow snot. hopefully a soon to pass phase! 

I wish I could freeze time a little so I can bottle these years up and never let go, you, your big sister & little brother are all growing so fast & it scares me a little! Happy 2nd birthday my beautiful & completely bonkers ‘Hallelujah’, you make me ever so proud & I love you with all of my heart and soul. Mumma xx
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  1. Aw happy birthday to your little one, she is gorgeous. That first photo of her clutching her hands together is amazing. I miss mine being like that! x

  2. Ahhh happy birthday to your beautiful little one. She is precious. And how fast does time go? MM will be two this year and it almost makes me cry that it went faster for her than it did with her brother. What a beautiful post. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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