Phoenix – 20 weeks old

My sweet boy turned 20 weeks old yesterday. I just can’t believe how fast this time is going, you’re definitely no longer a newborn. No more of the hourly curling up on our chests, the first time smiles and coos, teeny clothes etc.
What we do have now is saying hello to loud shouting giggles, raspberry blowing, cute ‘bigger boy’ clothing, the loving grasps when reaching out for mama or dada, trying to talk, rolling, wanting to sit, and loving the jumperoo! Literally tigger bounce!
His eyes are such a bright blue, his lashes are long and his cheeks are just ed.ib.le. With one dimple appearing on one side, handsome chap.
Our breastfeeding journey is at the blissful stage, you are a guzzle bear! You love the comfort from mum as milk, and you gaze up and me and love to stroke my skin. Our bond is blossoming each minute of every single day and you make me so happy little fella.

His expressions are priceless <3
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