While you were sleeping

Each time I watch my children sleep is a moment of calm. It allows me to capture special elements of time to take it all in. 
I love to admire their soft skin, beautiful hair, perfect lips and breathe in their lovely smell. Even though I still do these things, It got me thinking… It’s amazing at how time effects the way we look at our children sleeping…
In those newborn weeks, where a lot of sleeping goes on – we tend to look at our babies sleeping with a snippet of hope that they will enjoy their sweet slumber before the next nursing session, nappy change etc. But I feel as time goes on and they get into a regular bedtime, it gives you time to step back and embrace it all, thinking about the day you’ve had, moments that have happened (good & bad) and how we’ve overcome the difficult times, trying to piece together the facts that make up the speed of which your child is growing. You gaze at them in amazement just trying to work out just how they are growing so rapidly, even more so for your older children. It’s amazing at how watching them sleep brings a huge rush of emotions, bittersweet feelings that they still look like your sleeping newborn when in actual fact, they are blossoming into the inquisitive little beings that they are. 
It allows us time to simply sit, watch and only imagine what our children must be dreaming of. As there is something very important that we must remember for our children. That everything, I mean everything is new to them. So doesn’t that just make you think what they’ve absorbed in and are dreaming about right now? They must do some serious dreaming, learning & definitely growing whilst asleep. It makes me wonder that’s for sure. 
I want my children to go to bed each night with nothing but sweet dreams, innocent and loving thoughts. So if we have experienced a tough day, or little moments of madness, I always want to reconnect with my children before bedtime. whether its lots of snuggles, kisses or story time. Its a way to interact with them, listen to their thought, worries and wonderful little conversations. and more importantly shower each other with lots of “i love you’s” and also “I love you lots and lots like Jelly tops” 
To see the world through a child’s eyes once more would be an amazing gift don’t you think?. 
We should embrace and preserve each night our children go to bed into their sweet slumbers, and to just remember that they’re not this small forever, never going to be this innocent forever. Make the most of it. And when you’re feeling like you’ve had a tough day, and you are trying to do too much, thinking about complex issues. 
 Go and watch your babies peacefully sleeping, knowing they are loved, cared for, forever and always. 
In my experience, this feels like the best medicine. 
One of my favourite sayings is this wise gem…
“Life is what happens to you whilst you’re busy making other plans” – John Lennon.
And so it is….
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