Our little trio in July 2014.

 July 2014
This post will be about the special bond my daughters share. There are only 19 months between them, and ever since Hal was born Yves has been smitten. She cares so much for her and loves her undeniably. From day one she has been her protector, the one to whisper to her whilst sleeping, fetching anything she couldn’t reach, holding her hand when learning to walk, sharing food with her, picking her up if she falls down, teaching her how to build things, how to invent exciting games, doing all the things and more like ‘big sister’s do, She oozes the role of mother-hen.
They do have their moments when they clash, like we all do. Whether its over the same toy, or Yve’s offering too much help when Hal is just at that age where she wants to do everything “All by myself”! but the majority of the time they have the biggest amount of love for each other, And it truly is the most beautiful thing to witness.
I love to watch them play together in their imaginary world filled with teddy bears picnics, trips in their car, mummy’s giving their babies “boobie milk”, and definitely when they are exploring the outdoors looking for bugs and going on treasure hunts, jumping off anything & everything with no fear what so ever, the best thing is listening to their conversations about “who is Elsa out of the two of them”, or “who makes the best pancakes.. Daddy!” and so on. It stuff that I will treasure forever & always. some people take these magical moments for granted but I just love to soak them up inside and store them deep within. amazing simple memories that hold a huge piece of my heart.


Here are my beautiful girls sharing a big fat hug! {as much as I adore my “big camera”, sometimes your Iphone can capture little gems like this!} priceless.

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  1. This is such a precious picture of them! x

  2. This is a beautiful photo of them, it looks like it should be on the front of a post card or something! x

  3. Thank you both, and thanks for taking the time to see! Thanks, They make my heart melt 🙂

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