Proud Mama moment – First medals test for dancing.

Back in June my eldest little girl had her very first dance medals test. She has been doing dance classes since she was 2 1/2 at her Aunties dance school. She has always been a fan of a boogie but she did get a little nervous for a few sessions. We had a little break and we followed her lead if she wanted to continue or not. and so she did… 
She goes with one of her best friends and they have a great time each Monday evening. When we were told about the medals test, she point blank refused the idea of doing them. Anything related to the word “medals” made her quite annoyed and she just wasn’t keen on doing them. This was until we didn’t mention the “m” word and just referred to it as “doing dancing at a different hall…. a special hall near Grampy’s house!” then she was fine!

“M” day arrived… a glorious sunny afternoon – which sent both girls fast asleep! We then thought that there was no way that she would want to do it now when we’ve just had to disturb her from a nap and to be woke up to see lots of people all in one hall. But no, she surprised us even more than we thought. She got right up when her name was called, and did all four of her little dances. 
Her Grannie has been taking her to most dance sessions since P was born as I have been mega busy with all three of them, and their Daddy isn’t usually home in time for me to take all three of them, and not only that, it’s nice for Y-M to have some time which is focused on her, without being rushed and she loves to spend time with her Grannie too! This also enables us to focus a little bit of time each week on the younger two (more so for H), but the feeling when Y-M returns home is such a relief as I miss her lots!! 
Back to the event…. 
I welled up, my heart was thumping with joy, and I felt SO proud of my little girl. dancing away, knowing each move, seeing that little smile, her eyes light up, her wild wavy hair flowing about, her tutu bouncing around – Proud mama right here. 

Here’s a few images..

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  1. Alison Perry says:

    I'm not surprised you're proud – looks like she's doing a fantastic job and she looks gorgeous in her tutu!

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