Celebrating eight years of love

I have spent 8 amazing years with this perfect gentleman. He is kind, loving, sweet, funny, brave & an incredible Daddy to our three beautiful children. Our Dad’s have been great friends since we were kids (he is four years older than me – just thought i’d sneak that in there!) and he also grew up with my big brother as a great friend. So when him & his Dad use to pop round I use to be very shy & just adored him from the very first time i met him! I actually got the courage in my teens to tell my Dad “how lush” he was! (cringe).. I had a dream & made a vow to myself that I would spend the rest of my life with him – given the chance. 
So roll on a few years to when I was 17 after a few times bumping into each other at family parties or in a club (whoops) – that happened. It sounds really corny but – I am spending my life with the one person who has been in my mind since I was like 7. Of course you have crushes in school, go through the fancying people in your teens, thinking you like people and all that, but ultimately when you have true feelings for someone for many years, and in many years that person has the same feeling for you – that’s special. it’s true love. I look at it like our very own fairytale. Not a lot of people can say that they are spending their life with their first love – I can. I am proud to say so.
He lives life in such a positive way, he has the most devilish cackle which leads on to the infectious laugh & the best smile. He makes me feel safe, picks me up when i’m feeling down or doubting myself and he’s incredible handsome. We have been through some tough times, but we got through it together. it’s made us ten times stronger. There really isn’t enough ways to describe all the ways and reasons for how and why I love this man with every beat of my heart. 
I love how he gets so excited like a big kid when we just go on random days to the coast, whirlwind road trips, camping getaways – brings out the big in me too! 
He has changed me as a person, he has taught me to not take life so seriously, or myself. Together, we have made three of the most amazing little children. The day we found out we were going to be parents was something so special as it was a symbol that we were ready. after 4 years of being together we made that step into the next chapter, and here we are now with our family of 5 and are very, very happy. 
I will be eternally grateful for what an incredible Daddy he is to our children, they have the best role model in him. His inner strength is remarkable, sometimes he doesn’t see this – but he is an absolute perfect gent. 
Here’s to 8 amazing years with my soulmate.
Here’s to us.
Happy anniversary to my one & only 
I love you

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  1. Ahhh that is such an amazing love story, I love how you have so much history together! Mr C and I went to school together and I had a crush on him so badly when I was 13 so it was amazing to finally get with him aged 19. It's lovely to look back and remember your life as kids! x

  2. You too are so adorable together. Sounds like a soulmate to me! Wow eight years me and the hubster have our 7 year in two weeks. Can't believe it. Life is a great journey to be on with your best friend. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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