Phoenix – half a year old!

The past six months seems to have flown by in a flash, it seems just like yesterday that we were waiting for our third bundle of joy to arrive, absolutely no idea if you were destined to be a boy or a girl, and two big sisters eagerly awaiting the arrival of their next ‘new toy’. At 10:30pm on Wednesday 29th January we were blessed with you in our world.

You are a ray of sunshine in our lives, you have a gorgeous character blossoming every single day! You are really enjoying the introductions of food now but you are still a great fan of ‘Mama’s boobie milk” (as said by the girls). You have a tremendous attempt at army crawling, you love chasing after your big sisters in your walker & watching them play in their magical little world. Soon you’ll be getting stuck in there with them! I really love the way you look at your sisters, you gaze at them in amazement when they are chatting away to you, telling you about their day, how they “love you lots and lots like flowers!” & completely adoring you. 
I love how your favourite place to be is in the bath, freedom to splash about, giggle your head off and just have fun! You also really enjoy our weekly swim sessions where you are literally like a fish..well.. A fish wearing a Mickey Mouse swim suit! 😉 
I love the way you get so excited when we see Daddy returning home from work each day. its like our little routine of the girls getting in his van & you watching whilst wriggling your arms and legs just itching to get down and join them! You then let out a huge squeal and a huge beaming smile when you see your Daddy approaching you – pure love. 
As for our special bond, I am totally in love with you my sweet boy. You are such a happy, cheeky & loving little chap. You get all giddy & shy then bury your face into me when someone speaks to you. I love the way you look at me with such love, in your eyes I am your safe place, the one who rocks you to sleep, nurses you when needed. I just love snuggling up to you, smelling your delightful baby smell (most of the time, ha!) and just taking everything in, trying my very best to adore each moment we share, embracing and preserving each minute. 
Happy 6 months baby boy! We love you! x x

Gorgeous blue eyed boy x

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  1. Hayley Smith says:

    He is gorgeous! I love his little crawls and such a big grin on his face, I love it as they reach this age and start to interact more xx

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