Summer holidays aren’t so bad after all!

You always hear how “the dreadful summer holidays are approaching”, “oh it’s going to cost a fortune” etc. But so far (I know we’re only two weeks in but hey, here’s to optimism!) we’re really having a lovely time. I haven’t spent a bomb, I haven’t been tearing my hair out, I haven’t felt stressed to the max and its actually really pleasant so far.
Here’s how i’m been enjoying our time so far:
Making the most of local parks! it’s fresh air, freedom for your kiddies (and and nice latte for you), it’s an opportunity to let them explore, & for you to enjoy watching them engaging in play, whilst enjoying that *hot* latte.
Little trips to your local library. again, this is something thats free and it allows each of you some time out, no matter how small they are. At our one we go to they have had it refurbished so there is now a reading nook for the children. So let them grab a book & make it fun for them to choose their own to borrow from the magical place that has *all* those stories!
Walking. anywhere. I mean it’s exercise for all, fresh air & it gets you out the house, especially if you’re all feeling like you just need a change of scenery or having a minor meltdown about who is choosing the next disney dvd, or who got who wet at the water table. walks to the post box usually does the trick here, they girls are so excited when they see ‘Postman Pat’ collecting the letters out the box, or his van parked up beside it so they are wishing to see his cat Jess! and you get to see the fantastic look on their face when they’re doing this! 
Picnics! whether its in your back garden, local park, or poppy field – they are a brilliant. Get the kiddies involved by letting them choose lunch to take, which teddies & blankets they wish to take – all adds to the experience for them. We’ve been meeting our friends at a local park which has also been lovely!
Stock up on ice-lollies – or make your own! 
‘Quiet time’ afternoons with a bunch of Disney DVDs, snuggles & some treats to get out the heat – enough said.
When you have those days where you don’t leave the house, just have activities or toys on rotation. water table with bubble water, teddy bears picnics in the shadey spot of the garden, letting them water all the plants, letting them loose with paints, giant chalks, puzzles… and so on. 
My little ones are still small, so they do enjoy doing all these things and more. of course we do have the dreadful days where everyone happens to be feeling rubbish or that they need a meltdown – its human. but usually, it’s all good. I just want to encourage my children that it doesn’t take huge amounts of money, lots of expensive trips, ridiculous amounts of pointless things to feel satisfied. spending time outdoors with family & friends, or simply chilling out with a dvd, book or puzzle is more than good enough. time doesn’t cost anything.
Invest your time in connecting with them, and enjoying it whilst doing so. (even if the washing pile is like mount everest some days and you have attempted the washing up three times ;))

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  1. Hayley Smith says:

    Our summer holidays are very simple, we make the most of all the free things but I always forget about our library! Must start to make it their more regularly again, they don't have a reading nook though that would be lovely. Sounds like you a have a great summer ahead of you…enjoy xx

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