Life: End of August 14′

Working On…Educating myself with my camera skills, constantly trying to perfect my style..lots of blog posts for this blog too! i’m also spending a lot of planning time on my photography page – check it out! 
Thinking lots about…
How I can become (and stay) more organised. Life as a family of 5, three of which are the ages of 3 1/2, 2 and 7 months – life can be very busy, and i’m learning that organisation, preparation are key factors! Sometimes I slip up (like if I miss a washing load, or don’t prep dinner or lunch for us all – big fat fail!)
I’m also thinking for the best stages for business start-up, how I can find the right balance of family, I want to put so much more into this blog, as I feel I just don’t want to forget anything when it comes to our little bubble of happiness.

We are hopefully looking to move to a bigger home in the near future. I am also in anticipation with the start-up of my photography business (One Happiness Photography).

Listening to…
George Ezra – Blame it on me. His voice reminds me of Johnny Cash – just love it!

I am loving my black JuJu Jellies!

Mollie Makes: Blogging, Mollie Makes: Photography, oh & a complete contrast, i’m also reading a book from the library – child by Desmond Norris, and also a book from my Dad – A short history of England by Simon Jenkins (I love English history!)

I’m really, really trying to stay more hydrated to help myself feeling more energetic, Especially because I am breastfeeding my sweet boy. I always forget to just grab some water for myself, being busy seeing to my little three its easy to forget that i need to be in good health too! I am also trying to eat more nutritional foods, we do eat well to be honest, I just need to be making sure that I am restoring all that I am losing in breastfeeding. I am really enjoying my slow cooker meals, I made a delicious sausage casserole the other night, the girls did too!

I do lots of wishing, and daydreaming.. you shouldn’t tell your wishes, so instead i’ll say I am hoping… for some good news the next few weeks, for my children to continue to grow extremely healthy & happy, and for our beautiful family happiness bubble to never burst! 
A little snap from a lovely Sunday in July after a delicious Sunday roast!

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