Our family in August 2014.

Today we had a fun-filled family focus day. We had a very chilled morning at home in our Pj’s baking chocolate dipped shortbread (post coming soon!). We had a table booked for a roast at a lovely little pub/restaurant called ‘The Pointer’ with some family members, the food was delicious and the kids really enjoyed themselves too.


We then went for a stroll around the corner to grab some ice creams & to a place that took me on a trip down memory lane – Brill Windmill. I use to come here with my Dad, older brother & my beloved little Albert. We use to visit the windmill in amazement, go for long walks up & down the steep hills, and just exploring I guess. I use to love it & it has a place in my heart forever. It was such an amazing & overwhelming feeling for me today for the fact that I had returned to one of my childhood memorial places – with my own three children. A trip down memory lane with my three little babies, and my amazing partner – such a wonderful feeling inside my heart right now!
We went on to have a tour around the mill, the girls loved climbing the huge, steep steps, and peering out the tiny window at the top, its such an incredible invention and it was great to share this with them. We went on to have a little explore – only for Hal to shock herself on the electric fence (cows nearby) luckily she was fine but I think the noise scared her more! Put an attractive looking fence there – its just asking to be touched! We got some lovely images of our hour or so there & I’m so pleased that we stopped off before heading home.
{Iphone pic in the Windmill}


{Yummy Ice Creams}
{I spy three cheeky monkeys!}


{“I want to touch the windmill Daddy!}
{Phoenix’s turn!.. Halle wanted a go then changed her mind!}
{Daddy with his three special people watching the cows & eating Ice creams}
{Strut your stuff}
{Not her best photo but I just love how her ice cream is dripping as she’s too busy being a chatterbox!}
{Baby boy… doing a spot of squinting from the bright light! – its not bags under his eyes i promise.. i’m the proud owner of those!}
{A little kiss to cheer her up after her shock off the fence! – Yve’s keeping watch over the cows & Phoenix wondering what day it is…. 😉 }
{I don’t usually like my photo being taken – due to have inherited my Dads nose (cheers Dad! just kidding..) but on a serious note – this photo makes my heart happy – My boy & I taken by my lovely soulmate}
Here is my beautiful little brood! I am in love with my little family, we share such special times together even if it is just to have food together, learn together, laugh, cry, everything & anything. As long as we are together, we are happy!
A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. 
This also includes our ‘Me & Mine family portrait’ linked up with…


dear beautiful
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