A happy first day.

So the summer holidays are no more. I’ve had such a blast spending time with my three special people. We’ve had busy days, challenging days, joyful days, Pj & dvd days, visits to the park, picnics, arts & crafts afternoons, holidays, day trips, A lot going on but some very relaxed days too. To be honest, it’s been so lovely not having to rush about each morning, and to just enjoy time with them all.
I feel blessed to have spent all my time with them over the past few months, They make me giggle, infuriate me sometimes when they do things like squirting the whole of my new Elemis face cream all over the place, making puddles with cereals, & pretending they have an audition to be the Andrex puppy! but you know what? as much as I feel mad at the time – I love it all.
I’ve had some days when i’m felt rubbish about myself, my post-natal body, the way i’ve changed – and they just see past it. They see me as “their beautiful mummy”, “who has carried three babies in her tummy!” and that makes my heart happy. Thats an amazing thing about kids, purity is its trust form – is that they don’t see what you see. They don’t see your imperfections. They teach me that life should be fun, when you laugh – its the best medicine all round. If you’re having a bad day, its ok to feel sad and have a good cry, They’ve taught me to love myself more.
Days where i’ve had too much to think about, they always remind me that life is too short to stress. just go with the flow, one day at a time and just be happy! I’ve found myself getting really emotional lately when i just sit and watch them, I mean really watch them. Seeing how they’ve changed so much these past 6 weeks not to mention the past few months & years. They’re interacting so much, growing so much – faster that I wish for! I admire them so much for each of their funny little characters.
I felt so happy today knowing that my little Yves had happy first day back at pre-school. She looked a little nervous at first as we’ve spent every single day together the past 6 weeks, didn’t let go of my hand at first, but as soon as she was familiar with her surroundings – she was fine. Off playing, chatting to her friends, catching up, going straight to the home-corner – completely in her element. She came bouncing out of there with a wonderful painting, beaming smile & glad to see us three waiting for her. She was very eager to face-time Daddy and tell him the picture she did of “a roundabout & road”!
Whilst she was at pre-school for the couple of hours, the little two & I had a trip to the library, park, charity shops, and indulged in a cheeky Starbucks hot chocolate! It’s been a good start to the “back to school routine” – and… I wasn’t late either! bonus!
Overall, I am one blessed Mama.
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  1. Aw a gorgeous post lovely, you write so beautifully. x

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