Smurf faces and painting on a glorious afternoon.


Afternoons can sometimes leave me wondering what I can do next with my kiddies. after a busy morning on the pre-school run, out & about with the little two before picking up, lunch (making that fun too!) and more recently the older two not really being interested in a nap i am then feeling like I’ve ran out of energy & just need to sit down with a cuppa (probably re-heated twice in the microwave) and chill for 5 mins, maybe edit a few images.
We usually spend a lot of time doing crafting, but where it’s been so hectic lately we’ve not had time! So I just got some paints for them, sat them at the table in the garden & they were very excited! They started painting the cones we picked up from a local village fete & then …splat!… quite literally..
My workspace over looks the garden, I peeped out the window to find them both giggling and I then found a bright blue Smurf & Charlie Chaplin wannabe’s. It was hilarious!
I love these images, they symbolise their characters so much, especially the ones I got of Yve’s, I look and I can just feel her infectious giggle so fresh popping out the photos.
(Halle was too busy trying to climb the fence and show her “next door friends” her funny face!)These are the moments that I truly think are extraordinary in our little bubble of life.







Inside out back to front t-shirt – brilliant!


Her eyes are such a beautiful mixture of bright blue & speckle green





This is one of my FAVOURITES of my little Yve’s


*Blogger completely changes the colours of my images :-(*
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  1. Ah these are beautiful photos Nat especially the last one- just gorgeous! I wish we had spent more time painting in the garden this Summer, we haven't really done it at all and now I really regret it seeing these photos. We just seem to have been so busy and I know that my kids would have loved it. x

  2. Thank you so much! I'm sure they've had a wonderful summer with you, If you have a spare afternoon just grab some paint, forget the housework & get messy. i'm sure they will enjoy it almost as much as you 😉 x

  3. Katy F says:

    Haha! Lovely photos, what a cheeky pair! I especially love the one of your little one drawing on her moustache- you can see the 'wow I am drawing on my face!' expression in her eyes!

  4. These photos are beautiful, i used to love painting in the garden when i was small with mum ans my sis n bro. Messy play is always the best! x

  5. What a gorgeous painting afternoon together. Your photos are full of happiness and beauty! Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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