Little glimmers – Yves – 3years 10months

My darling Yves will be four in October, I honestly can’t believe she will be though. 
I can still see little glimmers of her baby features, the way she use to giggle and shriek in excitement, the innocence in her eyes when you’ve told her that the rainbow fairy was the one who placed rainbow treasures in the garden for her and her little sister brings this back. (mama made some with sharpies as I knew how much she would love them – two of her obsessions, rainbows & treasures!)

I find myself gazing at her so much lately, when she’s in deep conversation with me, or someone else, interacting with her younger sister and little brother – just watching in amazement at how my little baby is turning into a proper little soul. A little girl with the hugest heart! Her intelligence is so captivating, her imagination is some what whimsical & she just fascinates me in all that she does. We do have some days when her head-strong self likes to take over but we always overcome it, and be sure to re-connect asap and be sure to have extra snuggles before bedtime. I look back at when she was our only child and it just hits me at how much she’s had to take on, so much change, adaption – all of which she has been amazing. The arrival of her two siblings she made me SO proud, I never under-estimated her for a second.

The year 2011-2012 this special little girl help me together. Our little family of three (almost four at the time) were going through some horrific luck, Yves kept me strong, she gave me the smiles and hugs I needed every single day. I want her to know one day just how much of a rock she has been to me, and still is. She gave me strength to get up and live when life felt like it was all slipping out of my control, I was grieving my soulmates absence, I was trying to hold myself together for our little girl but she was the one who held the pieces to the puzzle tha was our life at the time. She is amazing, her little face brightens up anywhere she arrives, she’s my very own treasure.
I just can’t believe that in less than two months she will be four. She’s requested a pet rabbit, a rainbow unicorn party and a baby cot that rocks itself from side to side, oh & a little rainbow jacket for her beloved “Bobbie Bear”. Her birthday will be a wonderful yet emotional day for me, She changed my world when I gave birth to her. She made me a mum – something I still find funny being called!

 I have been mesmerised by her immense beauty, happy little soul & gigantic heart from the moment I first set my eyes on her. That amazing moment I laid her on my chest & said “hello baby girl”, the moment she met her little sister for the very first time with a smile beaming from ear to ear, the moment she cradled her baby brother for the first time and had such a look of happiness & pride on her face, and just everyday I have the privilege to spend with her I just feel so damn lucky…fortunate, blessed.

My darling little girl is amazing to me, she makes me so proud I just hope she knows just how much she means to me

** A few images of this beautiful girl the past month **

*Once again, blogger has slightly changed the colours of my images!*


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  1. She is adorable! And what an explorer too! Looks like she really likes to get out there and see the world which is fantastic. They grow up so fast don't they? I can't believe my two are 1 and 3 now! It's flying by, My son starts school next year which is just crazy to me. Great post. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  2. Those are beautiful photos, and she looks so grown up in that last photo. They really our inspirational, our kids x

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