Lavender play dough fun

So the other morning, we dropped Miss Yve to pre-school, decided that we just wanted to come back home & play. We realised that the last batch of home-made play dough had seen better days so we made some fresh stuff! I always head straight to a wonderful website by a lady called Anna, find her here…

The Imagination Tree

I also follow her on Instagram, Facebook and just love to see all the wonderful ideas for kids activities & crafts.
Little chappy was having his morning nap at this point, so I was really pleased to have spent some one-on-one time with my little Hal, 1-2-1time isn’t that often but we treasure it when it occurs 🙂 (Something we are both trying to do with all three at the moment, which benefits everyone & is lovely!)
We decided on the lavender play dough recipe, its soothing, calming properties were the no-brainer for me & I also LOVE lavender! I knew I had a few bunches hanging about the house & just used that as inspiration too for great tools & textures for Hal. She really enjoyed herself, as did I. I love to watch her learn, ask questions, tell me what she thinks, it was a lovely way to spend a quiet, chilled hour. Ours was slightly darker than the colour we wanted but it still smelt divine!

Yves had a play once she got home too.. Lavender ‘cakes’ 🙂

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  1. Carie says:

    With that colour it looks like it's made of slate! I bet it smelled gorgeous though 🙂

  2. This is such a lovely idea – and it must have smelt lovely too. Gorgeous pictures! #theordinarymoments

  3. What a lovely idea Nat, it looks like it turned out great, the colour turned out well and I bet it smelt great. You always do such lovely crafts with your little people. xx

  4. Of course I'm going to love this post, it combines two of my favourite things; lavender and play dough.

    Great idea, that I'll defiantly be trying with my little ones.


  5. Always wanted to try this, love anything smelly/sensory for the children, thanks for sharing! #ordinarymoments

  6. Wow, thank you all for your generous comments! We love doing stuff like this, keeps them happy (and I am a sucker for lavender!) xx

  7. I have everything I need to 'eventually' make some home made play doh! I just need the time, haha! This lavender doh looks soooo good and I bet it smelt awesome too. Gorgeous photos! x

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