Yves: A month away from Four years

I find it so hard to comprehend that my first born baby will be four this exact date & time next month. Not a day goes by that I am in absolute mesmerisation of this little soul that came into my life those few years ago. She was the one that made me go from being Natalie to – a mother. 
I remember cradling her at night after a feed and staring into her big blue eyes whilst the moonlight was shining through the window and everyone else was fast asleep. Just gazing at her innocence, her magical beauty and just falling completely in love with her minute by minute. She has taught me so much about life in a way that I never knew a little person could. Especially from the age of 14months to the age of two as we shared a very difficult time in our lives that only a few people would understand – A personal matter too sensitive to share here. Whenever I felt like I needed to surrender to the heartache, my baby girl kept me strong, every moment I felt like I was crumbling into a very dark hole, my girl made me believe in the light that would see us through. She made me feel like I wasn’t ever alone, she was the one who I would squeeze at night when I needed a hug, she was the one who made me smile when all I felt like doing was to hide in a room and cry, above everyone, she made me a stronger person and who I am today. It’s amazing what our children are capable of doing for others without even knowing it. 
She is such a kind-hearted little girl, who enjoys getting lost in bedtime stories all snuggled up, she loves the excitement of being anywhere outdoors, my girl recently had a move to a new preschool where she has had all the teachers amazed at how happy, intelligent and friendly she is. 
“She’s a star” they say.
My darling blue-eyed girl quizzes me daily about all different matters. “Why do people speak different languages and not english?” she also “teaches” me that “the leaves fall off the trees, it’s because it’s autumn you know” and that When apples fall off the trees, they grown in the orchard” one of my favourites is when she recently said “mummy when we eat and drink, it turns into wee and poo doesn’t it”, yes where did you learn that? “Oh I just taught myself mummy”.
Her little word at the moment is one that I find adorablely cute “it stands for ‘enormous’.. ” mummy, why does that lady have “shormous” earrings?
One of her favourite things to do is caring for her babies, making up little tea parties with great-nanny pat’s handmade blankets, teddy bears picnics and snuggling into bed with bobbie bear. She also takes her baby, or Bobbie bear into pre-school for an adventure each time she goes!
My beautiful Yves, mummy is ever so proud of you and I love you to he moon and back. 

[July 2012]

[July 2012]

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  1. Ahh she is so beautiful!!!! i love the smiley photos. Wow four years. Doesn't it go so fast? We have been looking at schools this week for my son and I sit there with other parents thinking how did it go so fast? How am I almost a school Mom. That freaks me out. They will be adults before we know it. Lovely post. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  2. Sara Murray says:

    Oh, she is gorgeous! What lovely smiley photos 🙂 It really does go too fast, doesn't it?!

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