Phoenix – 8 months

My gorgeous boy is now 8 months old! I honestly can’t believe how fast the past few months have gone, It seems just like yesterday that I gave birth to him in the most relaxed labour, cradled him in my arms & was in amazement that he was a boy! with big eyes, chubby cheeks, dark hair and stocky build, all 8 pound 14 ounces of him. That instant rush of love came whooshing just like it did when my two little girls were born, the feeling of finally saying hello to this beautiful baby who had been with you for 40 weeks or so – completely amazing. what I found even more amazing was that he looked just like his 3D pictures I had at around 35 weeks, but I was still totally gobsmacked that we had a little boy. I had a feeling, or more of a premonition that we were going to have a baby boy, a little brother for the girls, We didnt find out his gender at any scans as we just love the surprise! and it keeps everyone guessing too! 😉 Just simply amazing…
Every morning I wake up with his beaming smile staring right at me, mumbling “maa maa” cueing me that it’s milk time, he cut his first two teeth at the bottom two weeks ago, teething hasn’t been so bad so far but we’ve also seen a few unsettled nights where he either wanted to be snuggled with me, or having milk, or comfort. very tiring at times, but also incredibly adorable to have those extra snuggles and special bonding time. 
Little P has also been sitting unaided for a while now, he is still mastering the art of ‘safe landing’ but he’s getting stronger each day. He really enjoys playing on the floor with his big sisters, pulling himself up in his toy box to have a rummage. He loves to watch his big sisters all the time, following them in his walker or just simply stare at them in amazement, if they go out to the garden, he follows & I then have to lift him out just so he can be involved, he even manages to follow them in his walker – on the grass! leg strengthening!
I can honestly say that this little chaps favourite time is when either food or water is involved. we take all three of them swimming every Friday afternoon and he absolutely loves it – like a little fish! this also applies for his daily bath time, he is fascinated with bubbles, splashing and just showing off in front of us in the water! as for food… he loves it! he is trying out everything, his favourite things are definitely fruit, cheese & dare I say it… tastes of sisters ice cream! he’s also a fan of veg, pizza and baby biscuits. anything really as long as it is edible.. but non-edible things work their way to his hands too! aahh!
He has learned the art of the “high-five”, the girls find it brilliant!
Our breastfeeding journey is going so well as well, completely blissful, I sometimes find myself getting all emotional when I feed him, as it not only is such a wonderful bonding time for us, it also reminds me of that closeness and bonding time I had when I fed both my girls. it really does make it feel all the more special when you have overcome some sh***y breastfeeding issues & come out the brighter side of things doesn’t it? 
He is now also doing the ‘rocking’ ‘stationary crawling’ which is super duper cute! he gets all excited and proud of himself too.
I am ever so happy, and blessed each day to have this little fella in my life. He catches everyone’s attention wherever we go, especially the old ladies as he flutters his lovely long lashes and blinks those big piercing blue eyes! 
Love you so much my beautiful baby boy. 
Mumma xxx

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  1. Ahhh bless I love baby photos especially tiny toes! So beautiful. So adorable. can I say more you just made me broody! lol Lovely post. Sorry for the delayed comment we have been all really ill here. Thank you so much for linking up to #sharewithme I hope to see you again soon for another great round.

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