Elements of life: End of September 14′

Working On…
My blogging presence, how to keep up with social media in regards to my blog & photography, and brainstorming lots for posts, my photography site also, getting my name out there.
Thinking lots about…
Our future in regards to where will be will be living, We’re thinking so much about moving to the coast, somewhere to live a full, simple & happy life and a lovely place to raise our children. A beautiful country home near the sea sounds perfect!
Christmas.. I’m getting prepared this year! 

Listening to…

Foxes – deluxe album – LOVE!!


Lovely wooly jumpers


lots about blogging & how to better my site.


I tried a ‘skinny decaf pumpkin spiced latte’ the other day , delicious. I can’t wait to get making my spiced apple warmer, home made rice pudding, toffee nut lattes….. yum! I’m still trying to drink lots of water & eating more fruit & veg, I just seem to stupidly forget? crap i know. 
That I could give my beloved Albert a great big hug once more. He really was a one of a kind little dog & my first best friend. Rip little chap.
I’m also wishing for snow this year! ha.
can’t believe this one will be FOUR at the end of next month ;-(

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