Our family in September 2014.

September we saw a lot of sunshine, which meant lots of glorious time spent at parks, picnics rather than dinner time at home and just making the absolute most of this special time we get to share with each other (especially at the weekends).
Miss YM moved to her new pre-school which she is thoroughly enjoying, she’s recently won “healthy lunch of the day” and her teachers are always telling me what a delightful girl she is! I feel so proud of my girl!
This month we have also experienced some disappointing news regarding moving to a new home – which is sadly not happening now as we were let down. (more of a reason that we want to move to the coast in the next few years). We’re happy with our little home right now but eventually we want to move to a bigger home, & just for a more simple way of life, less distractions, and to raise our children in a place where its not bombarded with crap to be honest. A more simple way of living, making the most of each other, spending time together outdoors at the beach, indoors – hopefully in a wonderful cottage one day!A place not so busy as where we are now, a place where childhood is made the most of, sacred even. if there is such a place, we’re in search of it. We’ve always loved being by the sea, it always makes me feel at ease, maybe its the fresh sea air!…
For now though, we are content in what we have made, we take pleasure in spending simple days like these, at the park, being silly and sharing lots of love & hugs.
[This photo was taken on my Iphone using the Gorillacam self-timer.]

dear beautiful

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  1. Aww, I think this photo is just beautiful. I do love that kind of hazy light we get in the autumn. We would love to live at the coast too, we're lucky that we are close enough to get there without much of drive at the moment, but what I wouldn't give to wake up to the sound of seagulls! x

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