Halle at 2 years 4 months.

My beautiful little Halle is growing up so fast, I look at the first picture here and it only seems like yesterday. All births are a blessing, her one was extra special as she was born at a very difficult time in our family life. As mentioned before, we were going through a very hard time and this little girl was such a blessing and a ray of light. Knowing I was carrying this beautiful baby was such a comfort for me, and kept me going along with having a life with my little Yves. I knew that despite everything that was going wrong I can to keep a brave face, stay strong for my girls, for our family. the sadness behind my eyes in this photo is one that I remember so raw, but I had to keep going. They kept me going.
Recently she has turned into a complete whirlwind of speech, groovy dance moves and just a bundle of fun. Don’t get me wrong, she has also had (and still does have) the occasional two year old melt down but we manage well, talk it through, hug lots and then we’re okay. She also sets me off as she will just sob and say “I so sorry Mummy” when she knows she’s just been screaming for the past ten minutes and forgotten what it was about! usually its tiredness. 99% of the time. She is always so busy trying to keep up with big sister that she forgets she is 1.5 years younger. I’m also guilty of that too, it’s sometimes so easy to look at them as a double act twosome, they play together, enjoy the same things, both have exceptional speech abilities – yet there is that small distance between them.
She is such a free-spirited little girl in the best way possible, she *loves* to dance, and sing to the obsession that is Frozen! Her version if ‘let it go’ is adorable – arm gestures and air grabs included!
Little H is the absolute image of her Daddy, I think the only thing she has got from me is my skinny legs, ha! Her beautiful hair is finally growing at some speed after being a baldy up until she was about 16months old, now she is a blonde bombshell with bouncy curls or the every morning occurrence of “the birds nest do’ – oh no wait that’s another thing she has from me.. I’ll have to find the photo proof!
Her favourite songs are “lucky” my Pharrall Williams as the start of the song has “Phoenix’s name in!”, Happy (this one is a huge hit in our house and was also number one when little fella was born!) of course ‘Let it go’ from Frozen, and recently “a big red bus, a big red bus, mini, mini, mini & a big red bus…” she loves it! You’ll always catch this girl moving via dance moves.
Above all of this, each evening at bedtime I see the former baby slowly creeping back, she loves to snuggle, still has a huge love for my hair, twiddles it and strokes it on her sweet face, she also has grown a love for Daddy’s hair too, she curls up in a foetal position just like she did as a newborn. By day she is growing at the speed of light, by night she returns to that tiny little baby who just loves a cuddle and feel loved. I gazed at her last night actually, in amazement at how she can be growing so fast yet it seems just like yesterday it was her I was nursing at night, now it’s Phoenix and her & big sister enjoy sharing their bedroom.
I love you little ‘Hallelujah’ to the moon & back, “I love you so lots too” – and so much more 🙂
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  1. twoyearsblog says:

    Hello there, o she is just lovely and such a lovely post, I know exactly what you mean about things seeming like just yesterday! It's such a brilliant age and so much fun. Our little chap loves Happy by Pharrell Williams too and is perfecting his moves! x #sharewithme http://www.letstalkmommy.com/2014/10/share-with-me-wk-36/

  2. She is so cute. What a lovely way to remember all her milestones as she grows up. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. Lovely photos of your little princess. #sharewithme

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