A cardboard box, water spray and a whole lot of cheekiness.

Just recently the girls new favourite thing is…. water spray bottles (will be doing a fun post on this soon!). They love to go around the garden spraying all the plants, spraying anything in sight really & cleaning it all! (including each other!). We cleaned & personalised two of my old cleaning bottles and wahey! they love it, they each have their names on with rainbows of course. Whats a complete bonus is that they also love to clean my windows, ha. Little Phoenix loves to watch them in the garden going spray crazy, and then he also gets a cheeky taste of the water as they like to include him on “their showers” which he finds so funny!
Another brilliant toy for them all is of course… – a cardboard box. This one in particular was very special as it had three little places to sit in (Trunki delivery!) they had a little play in there before the pre-school run which resulted in some very cute imaginary play where they were on a plane, or a rocket to the moon and then some hilarious photos that i’s managed to take. My favourite one is on my Instagram [Follow me! i’m natjampotlife!] where Yve’s had said “Oh i’m going to do a face……and it was so hilarious! check it out..
I also got some on my big camera as it did just look too cute. Honestly though, you could spend hundreds of pounds on toys for your children when really you can do no better than a Β£1 water spray bottle, and free cardboard box. (We have only just got rid of the dolls house we made out of a cardboard box and that lasted about 3 months as we made it, painted it, drew all over it, sat in it and so on.
Just the general times sitting in the garden, playing with them, watching them play in their wonderful little world really are the best.






These are ordinary moments for me, sharing lots of hilarious times with my funny bonkers children
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  1. Cardboard boxes really do provide the best free entertainment don't they? Loving the spray bottles too, should get one and see if monkey enjoys it, I am sure he would πŸ™‚ lovely pics of lovely ordinary moments πŸ™‚ xx Caroline, becomingastayathomemum.com

  2. They are so so so so cute your kids!! They look like they are having lots of fun!! Nothing like making fun out of the simplest of things!! X

  3. You have such a cute little family, gorgeous photos πŸ˜‰ We are big fans of spray bottles here too- they provide F & S with HOURS of fun spraying each other and watering the plants! #ordinarymoments

  4. Cardboard boxes, love it, they are just so much fun πŸ™‚ All kids seem to love them πŸ™‚

  5. Katy F says:

    These are great photos!! I love the one of them all in the box! My daughter loves spray bottles too- I filled them with liquid chalk- v messy but fun! #ordinarymoments

  6. I think these are my favourite photos of yours so far- they look gorgeous and so cute and that one at the table is just adorable! And we love a good old cardboard box here too. πŸ˜‰ x

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