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I’ve struggled to think of a post this week in all honesty. My mind has been going 100mph thinking about my biggest girl turning FOUR next week, planning her ‘rainbow’ party, keeping on top of the house, attending two birthday parties (where I had my first alcoholic beverage in 1 1/2 years! half lemonade and half wine, went down a treat) and trying to not get all emotional about the whole ‘my baby becoming a year year old human being’.So to simplify things a little.

I want to talk about our life within our four walls, our cosy little life in our home sweet home. We take our children to some lovely places, trips and adventures, but nothing comes close to best like being at home. the place we all feel at ease, it doesn’t matter where we live, or where we choose to live in years to come, because its what you make it inside that counts. to look at, it drives me insane somedays, the mess, the clutter, but when you take all that out the equation and its just us in our little bubble of happiness, that nobody is going to burst.

Anyone else feel this way about their family home? Or wherever you go, do you make it ‘home’?
We love to.

After the pre-school run, I love nothing more than to spend time at home with my little ones, being silly, playing games, soaking it all in. Waiting for Daddy to come home from work, family dinner time (sometimes with the added meltdown or refusal of dinner but hey ho! these things happen), then its the crazy time that is bath time with bath foam, story time and snuggles then its chill time. We’ve recently starting having ‘movie nights’ which has been fab! time to reflect about our day, what we have planned and just how lucky we count ourselves.

When the time does come for a new home, I look forward to making another ‘home sweet home’, before we had our children, we had lived in four homes already and each one, we made it our home, the place we felt comfortable in, and loved. The now applies with our live with children – they love being at home as much as we do.

So…as much as I love elements of summer, days out, being outdoors – the things I am looking forward to most, especially this autumn/winter is snuggling up with my family on the sofa, laughing, sharing stories and surrounding us all the the biggest amount of love possible.

I love these images of my three little treasures, Yves was just staring into the camera, Halle was staring at Toy Story 3 & Phoenix is giggling at me being silly, I LOVE colour photos, especially as they all have the most amazing eyes, but these black & white images just make my heart melt.
(Of course i’ve kept the colour versions too!)


These are ordinary moments for me, extremely lucky to have these three in my life.
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  1. Wow what beautiful black and white shots Nat- these are gorgeous. And I do love your posts, I agree so often with what you say. I am looking forward to Autumn for this exact reason and it's how I feel about my home too. Hope the rainbow party is a success! I will have a four year old soon too- I don't want it to happen, four seems so grown up! x

    • Thanks so much, means a lot! Autumn is my favourite, all seasons are in their own right but autumn is just that meaning that that I became a mama in this season, the season that changed my life 🙂 oh and that Christmas isn't far away 😉

  2. Aby Moore says:

    We feel like this about our home too. I adore these fabulous pictures of your beautiful kids x #OrdinaryMoments

  3. Emily says:

    These B&W's are totally adorable! Oh the eyes! Home is certainly where the heart is, isn't it?! Can't wait to see rainbow party pics! Whoop!

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