Our little trio in October 2014.

My siblings are blossoming more and more each day, I adore the complete mixture of characters, which bounce off of each other in great and clashing ways. Little Halle is always trying to keep up with big sister with the climbing, and can’t understand why she’s not as tall, but then she’s a fierce little ball in her own right and is completely bonkers too! They play beautifully one minute, then scrap over the same toy the next, then immediately apologise if they’ve over stepped the mark. I think this will always be inevitable with two very head strong little girls! …Phoenix is always chasing after them in his walker, or more recently crawling, or wriggling like a caterpillar hoping that they drop some food!
When we drop Yve’s off at pre-school four days a week, I find it so heart warming that she takes Halle’s hand, shows her off very proudly to her friends and teachers, and wants her to stay. then when we leave until pick up time, they share a huge embrace, with kisses and ‘i love you’s’ too – I hope this carries on forever!
They completely adore their little brother, and find him ever so funny now he’s starting to babble, and crawl (steal their toys!). I love how my three look at each other, I really do hope they stay this close forever.
Heres a few captures from my Iphone (not the best quality, but the memory means more to me!)
Cheeky box antics!
Having a pose after the harvest festival! (safety first!)


Before it got very messy at Splat! playgroup!


very cute little moment here, big sisters reading stories to little brother.
and then these two images from my ‘big cam’…
He loves to watch them play, then squeals!


Sharing a story together all snuggled.

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