And Then She Was Four…Happy Birthday Our Darling Yve’s

Happy 4th birthday to our darling Yve’s

We started off the day with some birthday pancakes, and just relaxed at home for the morning really, half term means no rushing about! She had so many lovely presents to open up & was joined by Halle’s excitement too, she would share the opening of her presents with little sis – just the kind of thing she loves to do, is to make sure others feel happy too. 

They loved playing and jumping around the house with their beautiful Tinkerbell fairy outfits complete with wings & wigs – a gift from their Grannie all the way from Las Vegas, how cool! We also had various rounds of hot chocolates, marshmallows & lashings of cream, snuggled under the duvet watching DVDs.
The afternoon came, we were just going with the flow & decided to meet their Grampy & Great-Nan at one of our local parks. It was beginning to get chilly, but nothing like a few games of hide & seek couldn’t fix, especially when playing with your 80 year old Nan! It was a lovely afternoon, lots of giggles, conversation, leaf throwing (over me) and wonderful company. I think it’s safe to say that my beautiful girl had a brilliant fourth birthday. 
When we got home, it was then time to open some presents with Daddy once he returned home from work, more family visits with more gifts for the birthday girl, very lucky indeed. The little two were then ready for bed, but our four year old wanted to stay up a little bit longer because she was “bigger” now. The three of us snuggled all together under a blanket and just talked, which then sent our sweet little four year old off to a sweet slumber in our arms. It sounds really cheesy, but we then just gazed at her, looked at each other and both let out a huge sigh of happiness. This was where our parenting journey began, this little human being changed our world in a million ways, and for the better. She taught us so many things about life, about ourselves and still does every day now. 
I really can’t believe my first born baby girl is four.
I find the whole thing very overwhelming. As I lay with her some nights when she wants me to stroke her sweet head or tickle her arm to help soothe her off to sleep, I just look at her in amazement. She was the one who turned me into a Mummy. I will be eternally grateful to her for that, and I want her to know just how amazing she is. I will always be there to remind her that she needs to always be true to herself, know her worth & never feel the need to be like someone else. I want her to be comfortable in her own skin, love herself for who she is.

Born 27.10.10 weighing 8lb 9oz.

I am so glad that i’m very slowly getting to grips of creating short movies, I love to watch them and so do the girls! I have hundreds of movies from years ago until now, just not enough time to make them into something or put into a dvd copy! I love this little movie here, especially the clip where Yve’s is snuggling into Daddy after the very long day she had for her birthday! I also used Ellie Goulding’s ‘Your song’, as we have played this to her since she was born, it was also number 1 at the time! I wanted to get so many more clips but was trying to photograph at the same time too!
I also wrote about her Rainbow party, please check it out 🙂

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  1. Ahhh happy birthday beautiful. Another amazing post hunny. I have enjoyed reading your top five! You write with so much love and so beautifully. I hope to see more of your posts on Share With Me this year. Thanks for sharing. #sharewithme

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