Phoenix – You are 9 months old

My sweet boy, you are growing so fast that I want time to stand still. You’re becoming very aware of the fact that you want to follow your sisters around, getting stuck in to their adventurous games & being cheeky like them too. You have been having a good go at the ‘army crawling’ for about two weeks now, that was until the other night (Your biggest sisters 4th birthday) that you spotted her colourful balloons and got up on all fours and darted across the room leaving us all in amazement! Literally the space of 30mins you had accomplished the thing that you have been mastering the past few weeks! we were all blown away, it will be a moment that I cherish forever, and it makes it even more special as you did it on big sisters birthday!
This morning I woke up to you trying to pull yourself up in your cot grinning from ear to ear, then you attempted to pull yourself up on the door then you did a little face plant – but giggled it off! I also had to hoover before breakfast, because as soon as you went on the carpet, you decided you wanted to go on the ‘lets eat anything not edible’ hunt!…There really is no stopping you now my boy.

When it comes to the evenings, you’re still very much a ‘Mumma’s boy’, just when you feel you need extra hugs, kisses, or milk you usually reach out for me. (I am milk lady more like!), just kidding. I am more than happy for these moments as I love them all the more. That being said, you kick your legs with excitement when you realise Daddy is home from work, you go all giddy, hold out your chubby little arms & know you’re just about to be tickled by your hero.
You’re also really enjoying your food still, trying a whole variety each day. Much enjoyment comes from our weekly swimming session on Fridays at the local pool where lots of other family members also join us, you look like a little fish in the water! Mummy tried to use a new ‘waterproof case’ last week to get some snapshots of you and your sisters… but guess what – it wasn’t so ‘waterproof’ after all – epic fail.
Your sleeping pattern has been a little up and down recently, i think it’s due to teething, growth spurts and development milestones, a little bit of separation anxiety too (even though I sleep just next to you!). You don’t cry as such, just groan, mumble ‘mama’, or crawl about in mid-sleep then that wakes me instantly and I end up with about 6 hours broken sleep. Some nights are better than others, but the rough nights when there is hardly any quality sleep, I try to fight the tiredness and just remember that you wont need me forever, your big sisters have the odd night where they still need Mummy & Daddy snuggles to feel safe too, and aside all the tiredness – we cherish these moments. You usually just need a little snuggle, a small rock whilst listening to my heartbeat no doubt, & maybe a little bit of mama milk then you’re back to Dozeyland. 
I think you just like to know i’m still nearby, I’ll always be here for you no matter how big you grow my boy. I know that when the time does come that you don’t need those snuggles at night I will feel a sense of relief (for my tired eyes) but a huge sense of sadness for my beating heart that you loved to listen to each night, that sent you soundly off to sleep. 
I am ever so thankful for you my precious little chap. 
Love you so much xxx
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  1. Coombe Mill says:

    What joy he is bringing to your life and an adorable little boy he is. #Sharewithme

  2. Absolutely beautiful post to your son. So lovely and you have made me incredibly broody too. Love his big smile. No wonder he lights up your life. Stunning last photo too. They grow up so very fast it's great to write little letters like this for them to read later. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

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