When it’s good it’s wonderful, when it’s bad – it’s hard.

So the past two weeks have been super duper busy. 
What with my biggest girl turning four (how? what? why? sob.), planning her rainbow birthday party, coping with the everyday parenting things, having things to do whilst on the pre-school half term, feeling completely gobsmacked that I was a mother to a FOUR year old has been washing over with with lots of emotions!
To top it off I was feeling very poorly for three days and couldn’t really do much at all. Feeling poorly with three small kiddies to look after really isn’t great and it’s one of the less fun things that motherhood brings, along with the guilt that I asked their lovely Auntie to look after them at her house for the most of the day so I could try and re-charge my batteries and grab a little nap with my little boy before they came home full of beans (and not the nasty poorly feeling that I was experiencing) nothing shifted my guilt though. I am not someone who finds it easy asking for help, and I literally have to be feeling very sh** in order to do so, and to not be able to spend the day having fun with my little three.
After a rest, lots of fresh air at few parks (added trip to the bakery) the past two days, it’s safe to say I’m am feeling lots better now.
 The girls have gone off to Grannie’s for the afternoon then to dance class, Phoenix is having a nap (I should be joining him really but my blog has been shouting my name!) I have done a mountain of washing this morning, baked oat crunchie biscuits, prepped dinner – So i’m having a sit down and doing one of the things I love doing… writing (probably a load of mumbo jumbo but hey – do what you love and all that.)
anyway… i’m filtering through my draft posts (like 150!) and thinking where do I begin again after being a bit MIA?
So.. the next few weeks will bring some overdue posts including my little girls birthday, A pretty rainbow party, halloween antics, and all the little bits in between in our ordinary and spectacular little life.
Two teeth!


Those eyes…..hypnotising!


Mastering the art of jumping


“I do balancing all by myself”


no fear at this age!


sweet kisses


growing a love for Mamas hair like big sister Halle


He really is such a happy chap


My boy


The look of love


Look at me!


Always on the run


This is the “I want to stay at the park forever” face, it’s tough just turning 4! Even with her grumpy face she is such a beauty!
Linking up with  the ‘ordinary moments’
mummy daddy me
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  1. Gorgeous gorgeous photos lovely, the first one of him and Daddy is stunning. Sounds like you have been so busy, I know the feeling! I will look forward to reading your upcoming posts! x

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